Saturday, May 25, 2013

So sick and #handstand365 Day 29 and 30

  The last couple of days have been hell!  I had forgotten how horrible having a fever is.  I knew getting sick was coming.  Thankfully three of the four spawn already had the bug and Jupiter doesn't seem to be getting sick so I wasn't mothering sick spawn while sick myself.   Thats got to be the worst, trying to take care of others when you can barely get up.  It hasn't happened in a long time and I am so thankful for that.

  The Superhero and I are both laying around complaining and consoling each other as fever wipes us out as the boys play and run around happily.  Lots of SciFi show watching today.  We watched Futurama, Continuum, and Star Trek Voyager.   Bunch of geeks live in this house :)

  So, no handstand yesterday however  I did put my legs up in this lovely restorative pose.  There was no way in my fever induced delirium that I could get upside down on my hands but this inversion pose was quite nice considering my painful lactic acid filled legs.    I listened to my body like a wise yogi and rested.   I must admit however that there was not much of a choice.    This was Day 29 of #handstand365

  Today, Day 30,  I put my hands on the floor dubiously and discovered that it was nice to kick up a few times.   I'm loving Shana Mererson's videos.  There are so many great handstand videos out there but she is quirky and fun.    Also check out my fellow barefoot blogger buddy Josh Sutcliffe's  blog post about the increase of barefoot bloggers in the Port Angeles area!

  Here's to healthy days ahead!

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Angie Bee

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