Friday, May 17, 2013

Half Way There to my UnderArmour Whats Beautiful Goal and Day 22 of #handstand365

   Happy Dance, Happy Dance!  Today I held a handstand for 5 seconds!  I set my interval timer app on my phone to 1 second and it caught 5 frames of awesomeness!  I am really stoked.  There is definite progress both in my strength and balance but also my fear levels are way down.  That is a huge part of handstand or any inversions.  Such a challenge to work on tiny little incremental changes and not get frustrated.  I get down sometimes and frustrated when it seems like I have been working on something forever and it doesn't budge and then one day it comes.  I believe I can do this!  #Iwill do this!

 I am working on the Under Armour Whats Beautiful campaign with many of my other FitFluential peeps.  My personal goals are to do a handstand a day for 365 days as well as, hopefully, the shorter term goal of holding a handstand for 10 seconds.

  You can check out my profile and follow my progress here as well as sign up and challenge yourself to new heights!  There are also teams to join.  Its always fun to rock some goals with friends.   There are some incentives too with weekly featured profiles and swag bag winners.

  I have lots of friends racing this weekend.  

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Angie Bee

2 comments: said...

Way to go that's so awesome!

Molly said...

Wahoo!! so awesome!!

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