Monday, April 29, 2013

Working out can look like play, progress, and #handstand365 Day 4

    Working out doesn't have to be inside in a gym.  It can be outside and look like play.  Being a mother to four boy spawn means I don't have much time for myself at all.  We also homeschool so they are around all the time.   I love it and wouldn't change it but going to the gym is out of the question.  

  Lucky for me going to the gym is not my cuppa tea.  Its just not "me".   It can be fun going with a friend but then there has to be time for that so I fit in working out when I can.   Today I coached a running client and then played in the back yard for a few minutes when I got home.   I didn't even do much of a yoga practice, at least not a formal practice.  It was more of just getting it in when I had a few minutes and when those minutes are added up it makes for quite a bit.  

  I would love to test out a FitBit or Jawbone, etc to see how much I do move during the day and hopefully increase it....(Yes FitBit and Jawbone you can contact me any time :)

   These one legged low planks on the slide were effin hard!!  Make sure and do both sides and hold until failure and then hold a few seconds longer. 

  Today was Day 4 of #handstand365 and I got the Superhero to play too this morning before we got super busy.  He is such a good sport and man does he look different without the beard and long hair.  Its a sure sign of spring when he starts to shave.   He has had one gray hair in his beard, none on his head, and that is it the jerk!!  He looks like he is maybe 25 in this picture!! 

  I love love love when people post progress pictures.  I am always inspired by them.  Its is perfectly ok and wonderful to inspire yourself too.  That's one of the things I love about the yoga challenges on instagram.  I can look back and see how far I have come.   

  We see ourselves differently with our minds eye then from what someone or a camera sees from a different perceptive.   I have to go into it with an open mind.  Some days I look better than I imagined and other days it feels so much stronger and bendier than what it looks like on camera and am shocked and disappointed.  This is where the open mind comes in.  
  Its the same with running.  I video my running clients before and after our session and every single person I have worked with is always blown away by how different they look running than what it feels like and how they think they look.  Nine times out of ten they think they look better than they thought they did!

Wishing you a happy Tuesday!

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Angie Bee 

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KovasP said...

Gray hair in his beard? I always thought he was your boy toy. :)

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