Sunday, April 28, 2013

An INKnBURN kind of day and Handstand365 Day 3

    How is it that the weekend is already over?  It was a great weekend but I need a weekend from my weekend!  

  Today was an INKnBURN kind of day.  I was all geared up to do a natural running coaching session only to find that my client had a last minute thing come up.  Its all good.  We are pretty flexible in our schedule as a family who home schools and works mostly from home.   I looked good all day even though I didn't get to coach!  

Revolved Down Diggidy Dawg Pose 

  Instead I went home and had an awesome yoga session outside.  Lots of back bend work and twists.  The pose above is a Revolved Downward Facing Dog or Down Diggidy Dawg.  It is an amazing pose that feels wonderful as you grab your opposite ankle and twist your upper body while staying solid and grounded through the feet and hand on the ground.  Don't forget to do both sides!

   Today was Day 3 of the #handstand365 challenge.  I am not at all taking for granted the lovely days to take pictures outside.  I am actually dreading the heat more than I dread the winter.  So I am soaking up the lovely days now. 

On my body are the Roses Run or Die Cami and Performance Denim pants.  My very favorite pants and tank!  

  Really looking forward to coaching tomorrow.  It will feel good to run again!   A little nervous to run again but my body is craving it.  Not at all looking forward to tight runners legs again.  Will do some yoga after our session for sure! 

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Angie Bee  


Anonymous said...

You know I've watched your yoga progress on FB and you really are inspiring!!! So strong and beautiful.

Unknown said...

Im so glad its inspiring :)
How is your running going?

Unknown said...

I LOVE their stuff too.
just bought me the sugar skull long sleeve :-)

Unknown said...

That one is so sweet Carla!! I think they should make it in colors too! I see a bright turquise blue..... :)

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