Saturday, April 27, 2013

Muse Madness and Handstand 365 Day 2

  I know its coming.    That day when I am exhausted and need to just rest and watch shows and hang out in bed for a day or two.   I will feel depressed and feel sorry for myself and wish that I didn't feel so terrible.   It happens far less often than it used to.  I have to stay on top of eating enough protein and veggies and resting when my body says to and tell my mind to be quiet when it keeps pushing to do more.  

 Today was one of those days where everything was lovely.   As I sit here looking back on it I am reminded to be thankful.  I also remember many moments of feeling gratitude which makes me happy that I have grown in that way.   I sat and breathed and felt the sun and smelled the smells and smiled at my boys.    I hope that when I am having not so great days that I can keep days like today in my heart and mind to get me through it.  

#Handstand365 Day 2 

   I took Milo to swim lessons and read Light on Yoga while I waited.  Then the wee fellas and I took my teen to the comic book store to play Magic.  We went to the thrift store and had treats while we waited.   Then we shopped at the comic book store and  topped it off with playing in the grass on the big hill by the capital overlooking downtown.  

The windows were open in the van, the spawn were laughing at silly jokes and Muses song Madness came on three times.   

Le Husbandy and I watched Dune and ate a mango together when I got home.   He made me some exercise bars while I was gone for my coaching session tomorrow.   See what I mean, perfect!   I hope your weekend is wonderful and get upside down a few times!!

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