Monday, December 10, 2012

Technogel Pillow Review. Perfecting your sleep skills.

  It takes work and effort on our parts to ensure we get enough rest.   We spend so much money these days to boost our energy and yet we don't make sleep, which is equally important as exercise and the food we eat, a priority so we don't need to boost our energy we will just have it because we are well rested.  Resting is hard to wrap our minds around when we live in a society that glorifies busy.  Ask any runner or fitness enthusiast and they will tell you that taking a day off is like torture.  Thoughts creep up, stress sink in, all those things that you "just have to get done before bed".   This is a mindset that I think we need to change.  Sleeping is a skill and something that is as dynamic as the rest of our lives.

  One way to perfect your sleep skills is to make your bed an inviting and lovely place. I like my bed and my sleep space.  I love my blankets and my pillows.  This is really important and worth the money and effort to make your sleep space a place you feel warm and fuzzy inside and out.  A place that I want to spend time enjoying instead of dreading because I fear it won't be enough.

 Here is a product that has improved my sleep and is something I think you should look more into for yourself.  Its called the Technogel  pillow and I was given an opportunity to try it out through the wonderful FitFluential group of whom I am an ambassador of.  We work with companies that promote health and fitness.  We focus on eating, fitness of all kinds, enjoying life, and sleeping.  All the good stuff!  I have been personally on a mission to improve my sleep skills and getting the opportunity to test out this pillow came at the perfect time for my own journey.

   I chose the Anatomic pillow design.  It is designed for predominantly side and back sleepers.  I love to sleep on my right side.  I literally curl up on my side with a good book and relax and let the world dissolve away.   I used to use a memory foam pillow that my sister in law gave me.  She said it was too dense however I loved the support that it gave my head and neck.   The Technogel pillow has close to the  same design in that it provides the head and neck support however the Technogel pillow one ups the regular old memory foam pillow in that it has a layer of technogel over the top of the memory foam and a lovely 100% cotton cover over all that cleverness.

The gel has a cooling effect that comes from the excellent heat dispersion through their thermal regulation design.  So no more flipping the pillow to get the cool side.   Its all about comfort.  I have woken in the middle of the night too hot or too cold etc.  This neat design lessons those occurrences and with sleep, every minute counts!

  The technogel deforms 3 dimensionally so that the pressure of our heads and necks are evenly distributed throughout the entire contact surface.  What this means is that you are far less likely to get a stiff spot from laying in one position too long on the pillow.  You know, that crick in your neck that can happen.  I used to get that all the time until I started using a supportive pillow.  The Anatomic pillow is perfect for this kind of support.  This has been even more important lately as  I have been practicing inversions in my yoga practice and sometimes I go to bed with a sore and tired neck.   All I need is a little relaxation and support and I am good as new in the morning.

 As with anything new we try it can take a few days and up to a week to get used to a new pillow for example.  It took me about 2 days to get used to it.  How and where to put my hands etc.  Its not as tall as my other pillows that I used to use stacked up which in hindsight was hard on my neck.   It was a smooth transition now and I am enjoying my Technogel pillow every night.

  Is the technogel pillow worth the cost of about $150?  I think it is absolutely.  We want good clean food and drinks and we buy workout clothes and bags and all kinds of things in the name of health.  I am strong believer that sleep is a crucial aspect of our health and our bedding is an investment in ourselves.   Click here to  Locate a store near you  also check out Technogels facebook and twitter pages.

Sweet Dreams!
Angie Bee


KovasP said...

I think we sometimes to forget to spend our money on recovery as well as training gear.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I'd love a great pillow. I seem to sleep "heavy" on my face and end up with a headache/clenched jaw in the morning.

Molly said...

I had to switch to a flatter pillow because I kept getting neck spasms, this would be ideal!

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