Sunday, December 16, 2012

love, sit, and breathe. The surest way to change.

  So after much thought and tears shed I come to the conclusion again that the surest way I can affect change in the world is to indeed be the change I wish to see. I keep looking for other answers but they are all complex scenarios and will take time as a change occurs. What I can do right now is love and sit and breathe. 

  I will continue to look deep inside and examine the things about myself that need refinement and change. I will be gentle with myself as I try to be with others.  I will acknowledge that I have anger and work to not lash out at others when I feel it.  I will change the patterns that I learned as a child and become the person I want to be.  A person who can be happy and content and withstand the rough patches in life with grace and patience. 

  There is much disagreement as to the changes that are coming in this country but I have faith that we can choose to be rational and face our own fears and have meaningful relationships despite said disagreements.   We are all humans, parents, children, friends, brothers, sisters and we can be loving beings if we choose to.  

  A friend of mine posted to instagram that she overheard her children talking about good and bad people in the world.  Her son said to her daughter that he knew there were more good than bad people in the world and the sister asked how he knew this.  He said because he knows more people that are good and referred to all of his family and friends and how they far outnumbered the bad.   

  Focus on what makes you happy as you examine what is difficult.  Lean on those people that you love and that you know love you back. 

I've had a nice weekend with my family and now I am  waiting to be the tooth fairy for Milo as he lost his very first tooth today.   We went to the mall and Jaymon took the boys downtown to walk around after dark.   Lots of rest, watching Star Trek, and hanging together as a family. 

  There is much to say but it all keeps coming back to being brave while I look inside and sending love out to you.  Sending love and light and virtual hugs to you all!!

Open your heart.


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