Friday, November 23, 2012

A list of things that make me happy.

This is a strange fact to share but it is a subject that on some days drives me mad.   For example here is an exchange the husband and I had.
We are driving in the van somewhere and I say "damn I forgot to put on deodorant" as I smell my pits and am glad that I am not too aeromatic.  The superhero husband says "ALRIGHT!!"  "I think you are confused"  I say.  "nope.  Just aroused".......

Seriously he can go for, well, probably forever and not bathe and NEVER STINK.  How frustrating for me being a girl to smell more, ehem, manly than my husband and yes its great to only buy deodorant for one of us but jeesh.

  How does this tie into things that make me happy you ask.  He is a trustworthy and kind man that even when I am feeling vulnerable I know that he cares about how I feel.  He is definitely not one to candy coat but I know that I am the most important person in his life and he takes care of me. Even when I have BO.  He makes me happy.  Many of the things that make me happy are in our bubble and things that we share together.

  Here is a random list just off the top of my head of things in my life that make me happy.
  • Lists :)
  • I call the Superhereo "Hotz" and he calls me "mama". 
  • Opening the fridge and seeing it full of veggies and soups.
  • Making lists and crossing things off to do lists.
  • lists written with a clean sheet of notebook paper and a fine tip sharpie pen. 
  • my smartphone. In particular my Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • my MacBook Air
  • baking and the smells of baking in the crisp fall air
  • Obama and his family.  Seeing pictures of Michelle giving hugs 
  • Space operas
  • SciFi shows and watching said SciFi shows with the Superhero
  • The superhero has a daily laugh quota and he meets it every day. (he has to make me laugh out loud 3 times a day.) 
  • nuzzling a baby's head
  • my houseplants
  • hearing my oldest son talk about girls and fishing and whatever new thing he has discovered
  • jelly beans
  • knowing that I am no longer angry at my parents and brother.  I know what I am thankful for
  • seeing Jupiter play his games on his iPod touch
  • a hot cuppa tea when I have cold hands
  • space heaters
  • yoga
  • being barefoot
  • tall boots
  • jeans and yoga pants.  In the winter I sometimes wear them both at the same time!
  • taking my spawn to the science center
  • the parakeets chattering and singing
  • roadtrips
  • pandora radio station
  • shopping online very late at night.  makes me feel like a rebel
  • Star Wars, speaking of rebels
  • Fantasy books with dragons and elves etc
  • the Fibonacci sequence
  • social media friends
  • hanging out in a health food store, which I could do all day
  • reading to my two youngest wee fellas
  • doing some balancing yoga with the oldest spawn 
  • getting Jupiter ready for school in the morning
  • learning about tech
  • gossiping and people watching with the super hero
  • holding hands with a wee fella.  I will miss that sorely one day.
  • pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  I love when people share their stories
  • my backyard even though its getting too cold to hang out there as much

  So much more that I could go on and on and I think I will add to it over time but a list off the top of my head is fun!  This post is more for me that it is for you but its an exercise in looking at what I have and a list to refer to at when I feel like dookie and need a reminder that its not all as crappy as I might think it is when I'm down.   It is kind of a repeat of the November challenge to post something I am thankful for each day which I did on twitter and at the facebook page.
What makes you happy?

Angie Bee


Kamila Gornia said...

That's an awesome list :) I can relate to many things, especially yoga, pandora, and yoga pants :) have a great rest of your weekend!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kamila! I appreciate the comment :)

Abby said...

I love making lists just so I can cross things off and I am obsessed with knee high boots:)

DéB0R@! said...

Love your list! I too love seeing veggies when I open up my fridge. :) my little pets make me happy, as do my kiddos, hubby, & hundreds of little middle school students. And of course running!!! Running keeps the crazy away. ;)

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