Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Mothering Four Sons Looks Like

  I am doing the Yoga a day challenge and today was day 4, which is day 1 for me.  I may go back and take the other photos just because I would love to have all the days of the month of October.  I think its fantastic to photograph yourself or video record the workouts you are trying to improve.  In my running coaching I have found for all of my clients, and myself included, that we never look the way we do in photos or video as we do in our minds eye.

    I asked my oldest spawn to take some pictures in the back yard for me.  The wee fella, Archimedes, saw that I was doing something so of course wanted to get in on the action.

Here is the progression.  He takes it seriously and really tries and is having a good time.   He makes me smile and I love that he is out there with me. 

I find my groove and start to relax and engage. 

Maybe a minute has passed and now its time to ham it up for the camera and make muscles.  I get that.  I do that too. 

Then its this hulk tough guy thing.  The roar of happiness and delight.  I get that too and try really hard to keep my groove as I roll my eyes and take note of this very lovely boy moment.  I realize that this photo embodies what it is like to mother four boy spawn.  
Finding bliss amidst the madness.  Love it.

And the photo bomb.  Classic! 

The whole gaggle of boy spawn.  Its rare to get them all together like this where they are relatively still for a photo.  
Love my life. 
Angie Bee


Jeff Gallup said...

Boy moms rock! :-)

Momma got the runs said...

I only have 3 boys but I feel you girl! Lots of crazy but even more love!

Unknown said...

Oh boy! No pun intended. Mamas with lots of boys impress the heck out of me.

James Lovell said...

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