Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before I Die.

 I just read this blog by my friend Kate and I found it to be lovely and inspiring.  So I thought I would make my own list of things I want to do before I die.  Many of them will probably not happen many of them will but the possibility, thats what I want to dwell in.  I find much joy in making the list itself.

  While thinking about all the things I want to do I randomly came across this.  Random schmandom! Other people are thinking of this too.  I find that making a list is cathartic and inspiring.  A list takes those ideas and gives me room to think of each separately without having to hold onto all of them for fear of forgetting one.  Does everyone do that??  Is that why lists are so beautiful.  Collective lists like from the above link are art.

Teach ChildBirth education classes
Become a Le Leche League Leader
blow glass again
take a train from one coast to the other and back
visit a different country
visit all 50 states
write a book or two
live in NYC for a while
learn another language
become a yoga teacher
Live in Northern California again by the coast
swim often and learn to dive without feeling like I am drowning.
Give Michelle Obama a hug
go into space
play with a baby elephant
hug a sloth
do a freestanding handstand
go through all the maths again including college level
build a kick ass tree house
have my own bee hives that I built
sing and play an instrument the same time!
add at least 10 more things to this list

  The great thing about this exercise in imagination is that it can be anything and everything.  Little actions or great daring ones.  The joy is in coming up with the list or meditating on that one thing that sticks out the most.   It also makes me appreciate the things I can do and have done already. 

Angie Bee


The Green Girl said...

Love this.

I make a list for each year and then I also have a bucket list like this.

I think my favorite one is the bee hives.

misszippy said...

I love Kate and I love your list, too! So much fun stuff on it--play with a baby elephant,for instance. Great stuff. I want to live in NYC for a time, too. Roommates?

Unknown said...

I love, love, love your list! In fact, I may have to add a few of those to my list.

Unknown said...

Oooo! How fun being roomies woukd be :)

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