Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angie Bee Abides and being vulnerable

How will the world know who we are if we do not put ourselves out there and let ourselves be vulnerable and be seen?

 Like everyone feels sometimes I was scared  to put myself out there. I didn't want anyone to see me go from strong to weak.  I didn't want to make eye contact with those people who look at the pretty, young, fit looking woman riding in the cart with a gaggle of children running about that does not look like she should be riding the electric cart.   I don't look sick.  But fuck it.  That's what I have to tell myself.  People are mostly caring and loving beings who are too busy with their own lives to care much about what I do.  I will choose to  rock that cart at the store and maybe, just maybe, I will inspire someone along the way.  If I really feel down I think I will put my steampunk goggles on when I ride the cart.

  I draw the line at reversing though.  The damn thing beeps when you reverse!  It makes me laugh now but I will still go all the way around an isle to avoid the frakkin beeping!  It's this auditory beacon for people to notice you and of course its meant to do that so no one gets run over but jeesh......

Life is ups and downs.  Some days rock and some days suck.  Some days are both and more. The above photo was from the same day.  With MS, one has to just roll with it and do what ya gotta do and keep moving forward.  Some days are full of feeling sorry for myself and others are incredible!  

I will abide.
I will allow myself to be vulnerable and let the world see who I am.
Our vulnerability allows us to be great, to learn, and to grow.
I am worth being seen, even when I don't want to be seen riding the damn cart at the store!!

I love you all dear readers!
Angie Bee
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