Friday, August 17, 2012

music, feel good, and teeth out

  I sit here lamenting that I will be returning my new MacBookAir soon.  It has only one minor yet unforgivable problem. A sticky O key.   I have developed a newfound respect and love for the special vowel I use so often.  A new machine will replace my beloved laptop quickly I hope.  I wonder how I lived without it all these years of mine.

  While I am thinking of Os I am listening to the Local Natives and imagining driving to the beach on a warm day with the windows down.  I was introduced to this song of perfection after discovering that a dear friend of mine from high schools daughter blogs.  This video was on her blog.  Its got art, music, and biking. So rad.

  The superhero had his wisdom teeth removed this morning.  Of course I was on edge wanting to be helpful in any way.  What I ended up doing was hating the sound of my own voice after he didn't talk for hours only communicating through messaging me on his phone and yelling at me with is eyes....  I also made him laugh too often.  Granted its lovely that I can make him laugh when he feels miserable but it looked like it kinda hurt, so, bad timing.

  I feel good.  Dare I say it and jinx it.  I randomly feel fear throughout the day wondering when it will end and how horrible it will be.  I quickly silence the anxiety and relish in the warm fuzzies.  I get achey at night after being so busy but to be busy and have energy is bliss.   I have not felt this good in over a year at least.  Goddess, I hope I didn't jinx it.  Its so wonderful to be fully present and have so much to give to my people without the fatigue wearing me down.  I hope it lasts.  I choked down a huge amount of veggies today, as I do everyday,  so I expect some payoff!  Don't get me wrong, I love the veggies but I eat quite a bit and sometimes I have to really force it down the old throat hole.   It seems to be working so heres to kale, color, and good music!  
There were 129 Os in this post.

Angie Bee

1 comment:

Tobias H said...

Ooooh, Thanks for the music, Angie! I haven't heard that song before. And, I like it!
(Extra Os at the start of this comment intentional)

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