Monday, March 19, 2012

Orgasm and exercise. What would get you moving?

   I have heard these rumors before about females being able to achieve orgasm during exercise.  Of course My first thought was if I  knew the trick to that,  I would work out a hell of a lot more!

 What other incentives would get people moving?  Given that exercise is work that takes time and effort and so many people refrain from giving themselves exactly what they need in favor of short term instant gratification, incentives are in order for the sweat you expend.  

  There are short term incentives like the feelings of self worth or maybe a runners high like feeling but these are also usually accompanied by pain which makes the happy feelings fade.  You might puke or fart working out or be exhausted for the rest of the day with some aches and pains especially in the beginning when you just start out in your movement goals.  

  Everyone has some personal incentive but it's tricky.  The idea that you want to look like this chic someday often isn't enough when you are drinking beer with good company at a BBQ where someone brought dessert!  Or that warm bed on a cold morning after a night of little sleep from restless babes.

  What if we were paid to exercise?  What if for every mile traveled by foot our medical coverage account gets money transferred to it. ( we could have a family account)  What if people were paid in fresh produce by subsidized farmers?  What about massages?  How about a local gourmet cupcake store that takes your "exercise card"  and you can buy fair trade chocolate treats with the miles money you made? 
  The people that take your "exercise card" would also have the incentive to get you moving so you buy their products and services.  Less people would be sick...
 What are your thoughts?  What would get you moving? 


Bourbonfeet said...

Possible Solutions:
1. Drink and run.
2. Make love to someone you are not attracted to, that way it will take more exercise to complete the deed.
3. become a forager.

What keeps me moving?
I'm too lazy to sit still

The Weird Teacher said...

I'm too vain to not work out, and not too proud to admit it. So Look Better Naked is kind of my personal reward.
But I think if there was a good way to legitimately track people's health choices and then give tax credits based on that, on the assumption that a fit person is less of a drain on the notional health care system, then we should do it.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I work for a small employer. My lifestyle keeps our premiums lows. My husband get an hour and 30 minutes a week of paid time to workout. While for me those things are not the incentive, it's a nice reward for a current lifestyle.
Over the years many evolving things got me moving. Weight loss, friends, feeling of pride, a want for improved health, habit... That is what keeps a person moving being able to allow the reasons you do it to change. Fitness/good health is the path to a lot of different destinations.

Kathy said...

So funny - fair trade chocolate treats - sign me up!

Heck, if there was an easy way to "O" with exercise we'd be the fittest mammals on the planet!

coach dion said...

I had a groups of friend I would run with at 5 in the morning and I had the 'hots' for 1 (ok 2) of them, so making the morning run was easy, not quite an Orgasm, but the next best thing...

Don't know how I get out the bed now a days...

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