Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BAB's reviews page. What and why.

 The short version of the story is that I didn't want MY blog to be just clogged up with shoe reviews.  I am a renaissance woman of many talents and passions and don't want MY blog to be all about shoes when I try to adopt a BAREFOOT philosophy towards life.  Sometimes in life I use tools.  I like tools.  Shoes are tools but I  want to use a tool that will do the job well and with ease instead of screwing up the whole project.  That's why I review minimal shoes.  I have a solid barefoot running foundation so I have a high level of experience and understanding and I just don't want to keep what I've learned from all the time, effort, and work to myself, so, I get cool shit in the mail and I write reviews.  It's a fun gig :)

  Anyways, reviews will be posted here from now on and there are the same links to all the reviews on the reviews tab.  The reviews up until now are still on Barefoot Angie Bee so you can search either page.  Pass it on if you are so inclined and follow etc at the bellow link buttons.

Upcoming reviews and current favorites.....

Altra Delilah.  It's like the Eves but with the fixes I suggested!
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