Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boob jiggle, instagram, and Nina Simone

  Yesterday evening Jaymon and I went out for a barefoot run.  I was sans shoes and sans bra.  I kept telling myself that if I am going to be a barefoot when I run then I guess its just inevitable that I would be the barefoot, bra-less, crunchy mama.  It is a useful tool in that I run even more gently to reduce boob jiggle, if you can believe it, than what barefoot alone would teach you to be.  Needless to say, Jaymon liked it although he was plotting my death on the hills he guided us on!

  Yeah, about that weight thing,  another reason to cut back on the calories is the freaking inner thigh chaffing.  Damn it!  I have not had to deal with that for a few years now and I was reminded that it is completely unnecessary!    We went for about 6 miles or so although I only put 5 on daily mile.  I am an under estimator when it comes to my miles.  I am embracing being able to breath better and the reduced heart burn while running without a bra.   I will have to find some kind of solution when it gets hot enough to go shirtless....cuz yeah, I'm not quite ready to go there yet even though I think the ladies should be able to go shirtless like the dudes, and have thought so since I was made to wear a shirt since about age 5.....but that's a fight for another day :)

  I am really loving the instagram community.  Here is a link to follow my photos.  My username is angiebeehotz if you want to follow!  Here are a few favorites.

   I was inspired while looking at Patrick Sweeney's blog today.  He has a Playlist on his sidebar that I perused and was filled with happy feelings :)  Miss Nina convinces me that indeed things are going to get easier.
Pattrick also has a Sketchers Go Run shoe giveaway going on until the end of this week so go enter while you have time!  Two pairs up for grabs.

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