Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monkey around for fitness

  Monkey around for fitness and live unconventionally if its what you need to live well and get what you need to make you happy.  This is a philosophy that our family has embraced in many ways from how we move to how we live both in our space and our choices.

  We are rather unconventional in our living space.  We try to maximize floor space and utilize overhead space. We have shelving all across the living room wall that my clever superhero husband has put up for us.  I also have a standing desk with the monitor mounted to the wall.  Our couch is a LoveSac which is a huge bean bag.  It is awesome in that it has a washable cover and no more yelling at the kids to quit jumping on the couch.  Jump away my sons, you can't break it!

  The boys room is no different in that they have lofts and lots of floor space.  Well they have floor space when the floor is not covered in toys!  Again my superhero husband saved the day by hanging monkey rings and climbing ropes in their room.   We found ourselves going in there often to hang and do flips and pullups and also having to dodge wee fellas and toys as we did so, so it was time to have some rings in the living room for us big kids.

Anytime I have some digestive discomfort I love to hang from the rings.  It stretches out my torso and gives an overall sense of relief.  If you feel tired the hanging gives a burst of energy by getting the blood flowing and a dynamic stretch all over the upper body.   The dynamic movements and the running compliment each other quite well.

  So I decided to shop for supplies with the husband and to cheer him on as he installed monkey rings for us in the living room.   You see, I get cool points for choosing to be with such a boss human.

check out that wicked stretch!

 We have four boy spawn, homeschool all of them, and also both run.  Then add in the whole autism thing with Jupiter and there is no time to go to a gym.  When its nice out and we take the kids to the park we play too.  Its a great workout and much more fun and cheaper than the gym.  Now that winter is in the not so distant future we are trying to add convenience and self preservation mechanisms for the impending doom of cold dark days.

Here is the husbands roll through on the rings

He was quite tired after running for two and a half hours but notice how deep he goes in the bottom stretch!

  I am rather weak in my shoulders and can't get as deep, and this is what I am working on, however where I excel is getting rolled in a ball at the top and the ab work while holding myself up tight at the top.

  If you don't have monkey rings,  try working on your handstand!  I am finally able to do one without needing to use the wall.  I am working on being able to take a few steps with my hands for balance and stability.

There are parks all over.  Try some pull ups or brachiate across the monkey bars!  Do some plyometrics jumps off of park benches and tables.  Climb up the poles.  Watch some kids play and see if you can still do that too.  Use your imagination.  You don't need a gym for everything!


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I want those in my "workout" room!!!! I might actually be able to get rid of "No Upper Body Strength Shelly"!!!!

That was awesome.

Thanks for the headsup on FB. I emailed to Amy. I am excited to share my experience and thoughts on ultra running! WootWoot! Thanks!

misszippy said...

This is so cool--and it beats a gym any day of the week both in functionality and enjoyment!

Jeff Gallup said...

Awesome.. I love that idea! Our boys would love it...and I could get a work out too! Also, I switched to a standing desk about 6 months ago (I work from home), and I will never go back! I can't imagine sitting most of the day anymore..


Robbie said...

This is brilliant. I love your couch and the rings. As a momma to 7 and a homeschooler stuck inside with them all winter I think it may be time to incorporate some playground equipment into our home. Great idea.

The Weird Teacher said...

Your living room is the awesome. I have space/rings/bean bag jealous.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this!! What a really cool house you have!

Naomi said...

Oh my god, you (and your family) are soooooo awesome! :D

KovasP said...

I bought some monkey rings but never put them up - maybe I canput them up in our family room, so inspiring!

Lori @ Laurel of Leaves said...

What a cool idea with the monkey rings! My monkey of a husband is going to love this ;)

Rad Runner said...

You are rockin those magic rings! Im heaeded to the wall for a hand stand now thanks!

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