Tuesday, September 6, 2011

six barefoot miles

  Tonight after cussing the oldest spawn under my breath as he took his sweet time getting home from running around and having his own life, I prepared myself to run with my superhero spouse at the state fairgrounds.  Sammo  had already come home right at sunset last night and I was itching to run and needed his babysitting skills.
  I must say that I only complain about the oldest spawn in jest as he is a reliable and trustworthy babysitter for his brothers.
So as we rolled down the road to the fair grounds Mumford and Sons came on the radio.  Excellent song to have stuck in my head before a run!!  Thank you radio gods.

 Pulling into the main gates of the grounds we see that there is a rally of motorcycles and fancy cars.  We parked in another parking lot and then ran up and down the main road looking at the people, bikes, and cars.  An older mellow crowd was what we met with and Jaymon said that I was getting lots of attention.  They were not making eye contact.... Come to find out my white shirt was pretty see through!   I had a sports bra on but that combined with my short purple running skirt and I was kind of flattered.  No one mentioned our barefeet though....

Iris from Stet that Run  cleverly scored her run a few blog posts back and I thought it was something I wanted to do too since it covered all the important stuff!

I stayed conservative and stayed mindful of my body I felt like I could run my comfortable sweet spot pace instead of last run when I deliberately slowed way down.
Morale: 8
Just a little bit of anxiety but overall pretty good attitude.  I was happy to be where I was doing what I was doing with my superhero.
Enjoyment: 9
Loved it!  That bit of anxiety made this a 9 instead of a 10
Outfit: 8
Pretty sweet white and charcoal Sugoi 3/4 sleeve shirt with a royal purple running skirt.
The outfit would have totally rocked had the running skirt been blue.  Blue is my color.
Feet (I added this one): 10 No discomfort, blisters of any kind.  This is fantastic since I took a whole month off and have only been walking a little bit barefoot.

  Jaymon and I laughed at inside jokes and running silly.  I swear that man hyperventilates from talking and laughing so much but it is nice to listen and not have to talk much myself.  We talked about the impending cool weather.  Fall is in the air and it was the first chilly run of the season for us.

I ended up running six barefoot miles which is double what I ran last time.  As the light completely faded from the sky we decided to wrap it up and head home to the family.  I have missed the feeling of running without pain.  Being able to just move my feet and breath and not worry.

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Iris said...

Love it! I hope "Rate My Run" catches fire among all the run bloggers! Incidentally (or coincidentally?), blue was my color on Monday and I had a very fine run.

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