Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vibrams Five Finger Performa Jane review

  Vibram Performa Janes seem virtually weightless!  It was amazing to hold them for the first time and realize that they are in fact shoes.  They weigh in at 2.5 ounces.  You probably wonder what's the catch.  The catch is that they are made for indoor use.  I am tempted to try running in them outside to see how long they last but for now am only wearing them inside.  These make great treadmill shoes and are nice and grippy yet flexible for yoga and any other indoor activity.  Speaking of gyms these would be fab for an indoor track this winter.  They would be great gym shoes if your gym requires that you wear footwear.  These will still give you full range of movement to strengthen your feet.
Vibrams says that they are for "fitness, travel, and after sport."

  The uppers are made of kangaroo leather.  I have the VFF KSO Treks which are also made of kangaroo leather and have been happy with those as well.   The leather is incredibly soft and pliable and actually breath better than I would have thought.    The Performa Janes are perforated for even better airflow. They are machine washable and need to be air dried.

  The sole is made of seven parts.  Five toes, a midfoot, and a heel.  These are really about freedom of movement.  The footbed is also made of kangaroo leather and is essentially a piece of leather for the footbed with very thin pieces of sole attached to it.  If you thought other VFF models were like gloves then you will love these.

  Stretchy elastic in the strap across the top of the foot make for comfort and again support ease of movement.  The little button is pretty too!
I have always thought the five fingers were comfortable and I like the style.  If you have toes that you are not sure will fit in VFF then definitely try them on in a store first. If you fit in one model you will fit in the others.  That has been my experience anyways.

  There are lots of other Five Fingers styles including the Bakilas and the new Jayas that I think are pretty fun looking!   Right now there are closeout specials on the Sprints as well as the Performa classic style.
  Cooler weather is coming and if you can't run on a treadmill barefoot I would highly recommend checking these out!  Try shopping at Travel  for a wide selection of VFF!
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