Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Problems of the heart part II

  I sat and read a fantasy sci fi  book on my nook as I waited to speak with the doctor. When I met him I realized that he was a nice man with a firm handshake.  He seemed calm and confident and acted as though he was here with me and not thinking of where he needed to be next.  That was in turn calming for me.   He said that the next test to do would be an Angiogram.  He explained the procedure  and what to expect.

  I then went in another room and watched the video of what to expect throughout my stay at the hospital.   Next I had blood drawn to check my iron levels and cholesterol levels.   After I did not pass out from having blood drawn I went to have a more extensive sonogram of my heart done called an echocardiogram.  I did not learn anything new from this but found it interesting while I was laying there that 3 seperate woman have seen and touched my tits in the last 2 days and it was totally normal.  It was even comforting and not awkward.  Random I know.

  I have had a sonogram when I was pregnant with Samson and Jupiter.  My gallbladder, kidneys, liver, my left breast, and now my heart have also had sonograms.

   Tomorrow I go in for an Angiogram.  I will be awake yet sedated for the procedure. The awake part is comforting.  I don't want to be put out.  They will open up the artery in my right leg down in my groin area and insert a catheter  that will then run up to my heart.   It will distribute dye to show my veins and any blockages there may be while being xrayed.  If there is a blockage, they will go ahead and put in the arterial stent at that time.   If they do need to do that I will have to stay in the hospie overnight for observation.  One of the main concerns is that I don't rupture the  incision to the coronary artery.  I will be taking it easy for the next week afterwards.

  As of right now, I am stoked about this.  I think that this could potentially make me feel fantastic after I heal.  Oxygen to my heart is a great thing that I look forward to and I have been not feeling well for a while now.  I am ready for answers.   I hope that they find the problem and fix it.  If not, well it all just gets exponentially more complicated and I choose not to dwell on that now.

  I am fortunate to have pushed my self physically to have found this issue while I am young instead of having a massive issue years and years from now.  I will be at Mercy Health Center in Des Moines (8/3) if by chance you want to stop by and say hi or send flowers....hint hint :)   Please send good vibes my way though for sure.

I will update again tomorrow.
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