Thursday, August 4, 2011

Q and A answers!

                                        ......MISS BEE  Part 1

Mandi with an "i" Runs asks:
What is your favorite go to snack?
I really like Sunbutter.  I like it even more when I eat it out of the jar with spoonfuls of jelly in between sunbutter bites.

SmithTower asks:
Okay just about the same questions I asked Vanessa, here we go.
How can I get my wife to eat right and exercise?
The only advice I can give is to try and encourage her to exercise with you.  It will be good for both of you on individual levels but its something that can bring the two of you together.  I love to run with my hubs and its something we can spend time doing that satisfy many needs at once.
The eating right, cook yummy nutritious food for her.  If you don't already, go grocery shopping together.  Make plans to hit the farmers market on the weekend together. 

Do you ever go off your diet and pig out?
Of course I do!  I don't necessarily go off the Gluten and Casein ect diet but I love candy!  After a week or so of cutting calories I find that I need a day to just eat whatever.  It seems that after that day I see the weight come off.  Like I needed more calories to burn the fat.  That's how my body seems to work anyways.

Do you drink green tea and is it really that good for you?
I love green tea and I do think it has many health benefits.  I have cut out all caffeine in my diet in order to further help my ulcer to heal.  Otherwise I could drink it all day long!   It took a while to get past the fishy flavor that I get from it but I got used to it and learned to love it.  Drank it more than coffee even!

Why is curling a sport?
 Compared to NASCAR, its a sport for sure. 

Why I’m I doing this instead of doing my homework?
Because I am infinitely more fun than whatever you are supposed to be studying.  That or you are a procrastinator.   Jesse Scott said that if you put something off until the last minute, it only takes a minute to do.

Vanessa asks:
* What is one topic you were nervous that people would ask about?
The days when I used to smoke and party.  I am a work in progress and sometimes like to forget what I used to be.  Alas its all still a part of me so also part of the reason I thought it would be cathartic to put myself out there.

* Do you wish that you had a girl (daughter)?
The older I get and the more experienced parent I become I do wish I had a daughter.  

* What is the best and worst thing about being married to a superhero?
I hold Jaymon in very high regard and when I am not feeling so keen on myself I compare myself very unfavorably to him.  Maybe its just an excuse to continue to feel bad about myself sometimes instead of crawling out of my pitty pot :) 

* If you could only drink one flavor of Nuun for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grape, hands down.

* Are you coming to MTDs again next year?
I would love to however I am working towards the next level of certification of my coaching and if I travel, that will be the trip I take. 

* What is the best and worst thing about having a son with autism?
The best thing is that I appreciate the little things with him.  Any bit of accomplishment of his I get so excited about. The worst thing is letting go of some of the hopes and dreams I have for him.  Accepting that as time has proven so far, life doesn't work out the way you thought or hoped sometimes.  I also worry about him being lonely since he is so limited in his communication.   

* Besides running, barefooting, and being a mom/wife, what is your greatest passion?
Making art.  I want to blow glass again.  I don't know that I have a greatest passion because there is so much I feel passionate about.  I want to keep bees at my house, raise chickens, goats, and llamas.  I want to travel by RV with the hubby someday as well as by train.

* What is the single most important quality of a good mother?
I don't know if I could choose between between patience and humility.
Patience to let them make and learn from their own mistakes. Patience with your partner to have everyone's best interest at heart even when you don't agree.  Humility to admit when you are wrong and keep on going while learning from your own mistakes.

* What were you afraid of as a child?
Kidnapper vans because all kidnappers drove vans of course, the banshee from Darby O'gill and the Little People, and rushing flood water.

* What is your biggest fear now?
Death of my children.  Death of my husband, and the mess I would be if those were to happen.  I am also afraid of anaphalactic shock, house fires and if something were to happen to my health and I wouldn't be able to run anymore.

* If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
On a physical side, I would be two inches tall.
On a more internal level I would be able to master the patterns I have from childhood.  One of which is that I get destructive when I am stressed and distance myself from what sustains me most.  I learned that failure is a known and somehow safe. I like being angry and get swept up in emotion.  I would like to be more calm and thoughtful.

* Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
This is probably the hardest of the questions.  I see myself running, parenting, and doing so with my superhero hubs.  Beyond that I know that life could change drastically at any time so I could be doing many different things by then.

Amanda at Runninghood asked:
What's a law in the U.S that you think is silly?
I spent way too much time coming across silly laws but the one about a one armed piano player having to play for free was pretty bogus.

To be continued.....


KovasP said...

Clearly a one-armed piano player couldn't give you whole value for your dollar! :) Love those crazy laws. In Chicago for awhile you could buy alcohol until 4 am but then not until 7 am - bummer for the procrastinators, right?

Unknown said...

There are no spitting laws around too. Granted it was more for spitting tobacco but thats a hell of a restrictive law for a runner!

The Weird Teacher said...

Where on the spectrum is your son (if you don't mind my asking) and how old was he when he was diagnosed? And how have you found it working with your school's Special Ed department? I'm a teacher and my wife is nearly finished with her SPED credential and we're always interested in what parents are thinking about the system.

Leah F said...

Kidnapper vans! Your childhood self would have freaked out about a van I saw in a nearby neighborhood while running last year. Even my adult self looked at it askance. It was an old green conversion van with an "ice cream" sign in one window and polyphonic music piping from a speaker. HELLO! Can we say pedophile-mobile! I truly hope no kids went near it.

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