Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black helicopters, robots, and my heart

  Did I get to ride in a black  But I saw one out my window and daydreamed about riding in it as a non emergency passenger of course.

I also asked around about the infamous Da Vinci surgical robot.  So given my love of SciFi, being in close proximity to such coolness made my day even better.

This website is a gem for star wars fans!
  I suppose I should get to the update.  My heart looked great. Mostly.  No stents, or balloning, or bypassing needed to be done due to any kind of blockages.  I do have an abnormality.  Until I get a chance to talk to my doctor again, I am home now by the way and went home yesterday evening, I don't know exactly how to describe my issue.  Basically I have an artery that goes one way on one side and it is the opposite for other people and that artery gets squished as my heart rate goes up which causes the chest pain.   That is a drugged up explanation however so please excuse the vagary.

  The procedure went very well and was incredibly interesting.  The nurses were chatty and fun.  I handed out a huge stack of my barefoot running contact cards as everyone was interested in it and most all of the the nurses I had were runners.
  Before I went to the hospital I shaved my nether regions thinking that since they would be down near my groin to get to the main artery there to insert the catheter I would at least save them the trouble of having to shave me and I thought I would give them something pretty to look at.   The shaver nurse was appreciative and they all laughed which lightened the mood.

I also posted some photos to facebook but they said I had to have my hands at my sides so no picture taking during the procedure.  Next time I will find a way to document more since it really was a geeky sort of experience.  I mean, I had a catheter squirting dye on my heart from a tube that started at my groin. (not exactly the scientific explanation but a fun one)  Trippy! 

Afterwards they gave me some copies of my heart images but I can't find them now.  I think they must have gotten swept up with all the paperwork they had me sign.  Thank you to Jon and the mystery flower sender.  They are beautiful!
The superhero came to pick me up and I have been home relaxin ever since.   Next up is a CT scan that I just scheduled for Tuesday morning.  This is to look at those pesky arteries and what exactly they are doing.

Thank you so much for the good vibes, prayers, and well wishes.  I am one lucky lady to have you :)

For other news, I joined the ranks of Q & Aers that were putting out all those answers to your questions.  The first of the answers is here today.
Also please check out my giveaway to win a GlamRunner Tutu!!  Tutus are the bees knees and there will be two tutu winners!


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to hear how they fix it. Thankful it has been discovered! Lots of people praying for you Angie. We are all blessed to know you! Get better!

Cassie said...

Glad you are doing well, I thought about you all day.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow oh Wow.. I am glad you are OK, but anxious to hear how this will impact your Running, life, etc.. Hugs and prayers.

Laurie said...

Glad things went well. How trippy to be awake and watching the whole thing! Hope things continue to go well for you. You are such an amazing woman.

Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad you are okay girl! This made me laugh...I'd totally be shaving down there. Ha! Glad you gave them something pretty to look at and hopefully you've turned some of them on to barefoot running.

Molly said...

so happy you're doing better!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

You've had a lot to take in the last couple of days. I'm glad things are looking brighter.

MCM Mama said...

Glad to hear that you may have an answer now.

LOL at the shaving. I got a massage today and realized as she was killing my calves that I'd forgotten to shave them.

Greta said...

I'm so glad some of the scary stuff has been ruled out. Anxious to hear how they remedy that rebellious artery. I love your upbeat attitude through this! :) Greta

The Weird Teacher said...

Glad you're doing well now. Stay strong and positive!

Leah F said...

I'm happy to hear that it sounds like everything is going to be okay. Heart stuff is SCARY. I went through some tests last winter after developing Premature Ventricular Contractions for no apparent reason. Not as serious as what it sounds like what you've got going on, but still a little nerve-racking. Thinking of you!

Austin said...


Karen said...

I had to giggle when I read, "I shaved my nether regions.. I thought I would give them something pretty to look at," followed by "I also posted some photos to facebook." I don't recall seeing those photos there. :) Glad you're home and resting. Continued prayers for a good resolution to this whole ordeal.


Richelle said...

Sending hugs and prayers your way. I'm glad they figured out what was wrong.

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