Friday, August 5, 2011

Answers to your questions part 2


.....Miss Bee Part 2

Tommy asked:
*When not running, how much of your day-to-day life is spent in bare feet?
Most all of my day.  I wear flip flops or shoes that are easily kicked off.  So if I am at the library or coffee shop its easy to get bare and relax.

*What's the craziest thing you've done while barefoot?
Streaked.  Being naked was crazier than being barefoot! Infinitely more fun :)

*What's your biggest pet peeve?
 the funny thing about pet peeves is that I forget about what they are when no one is doing them.  

Ok, came back to edit this.  The superhero partner of mine has no BO.  Seriously no body odor at all.  If he has phermones which he must because I find him so handsome but the man has no smell.  The problem......I get BO.  Normal BO of which I don't need a prescription deodorant for or anything like some poor souls but really, who is the man of the house. Smells like me.  Booooo!

*What kind of music inspires you (while running or just in general)?
I go to this playlist often and have many songs on my MP3 player for the rare times when I use it to run.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Jamoosh asked:
How do you know Vanessa is the best hugger in the world?
I met her at Mind the Ducks and she is the kind of hugger that rubs your back and squeezes tight and rocks back and forth with a laugh.  None of that little patting with both people trying to maintain this huge space between them with their asses out to keep from touching too much.

How is your son doing?
Jupiter is doing very well.  He broke his arm a week and a half ago and that has been really really frustrating for him.  He was in a melancholy mood for several days afterwards but has perked up now and coping well.
We decided to homeschool him this year with the other boys.  He is doing so well in his programs outside of school that we want to continue that into the school year so homeschool it is!

Mademoiselle Julie asked:
Please share some exercises/checks for good posture for BFR. Thanks!
Lead with your chest not your head.  Its easy when barefoot running to look down with your head.  Instead, keep your head level and watch the ground with your eyes. Posture is about opening up the chest in order to lead with it and having segmental alignment throughout the rest of your body.
In my coaching I go over the exercises in the book Proprioception: Making sense of barefoot running.  Yes its a bit of a shameless plug for my coaching but I believe in it and practice the same for myself.  Try the squatting with a weighted bar overhead (I use a 9 and 13 lbd bar) for posture work.

Molly asked:
How did you and your Superhero husband meet?
We were both working at the Salina Country Club back in Kansas in 1996.  I had just moved home after getting out of a bad relationship and he had come home after living in LA for a few years studying Brazilian JuJitsu.

and.e.aitch asked:
Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
Not that I know of.....I kid.  I have a pretty tough head and think that I should have been knocked out a time or two but only saw stars.

Suzy asked:
Did you CD with your kids?
I didn't cloth diaper with the kids and with each one I said I would with the next.  We either had laundry situations that didn't work for cloth or didn't have the money at the time for creating a stash to start with.
What is your favorite run?
 Not exactly sure how to answer this one.  I love to run in the cemetery on summer evenings with the cicadas singing and the sun going down with lovely smells of bbq and laundry in the air.  Around here I like the Dam to Dam 20k and the Des Moines Marathon for runs although I do like the Capital Pursuit 5k too.

Do you ever go to Ames (I only ask because I lived there)?
I have only been to Ames once in the 4 years I have been here.  I want to get up there and visit some glass blowers but never seem to make it work.

zapmamak asked:
Were you ever punk or mod (I guess the kids are calling it goth these days) back in high school? Ha! I imagine you hanging out with the punks or maybe even the skaters back then. You seem like a bit of a rebel.
Oh I have grunge in my blood!  I hung with the kids who were listening to the early 90's Seattle grunge music and shaved my head underneath and dyed it fun colors with kookaid while listening to Janes Addiction and Pearl Jam and watching Singles drinking Mountain Dew and smoking cigs.   I pierced my nose my sophomore year and will die as a very old running granny with a ring in her nose :)   Dated a drummer for a few years before meeting Jaymon.  Then I started listening to Dave Matthews, Soul Coughing, Smashing Pumpkins and turning up the Bob Marley

ShellBell asked:
How did you choose your kids names?
I named Sam after Samson in the Bible.  He was always one of my favorite characters as a child.  Even after growing up and changing my beliefs I still like the story.  His middle names are Jaymon and Andrew after Jaymon  and then my dad and brothers middle name.  

Jupiter was named by Jaymon as it was his turn to name a spawn. He had to come up with something to rival with Samson so Jupiter it was.  His middle name is Pankration.  The original full contact sport in the olympics ages ago.

Milo was Jaymon's suggestion but my turn to choose and I liked it.  Milo is named after the Olympic wrestler who won many years in a row in ancient greece( I want to say 6 times).  He was said to have carried a bull calf on his shoulders to show off and to train.  Milo's middle name is Atticus and I almost named him Atticus after Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.  I always wished Atticus was my father and hope Milo turns out with many of his traits.

Archimedes was named after the greek mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and engineer of Syracuse.  He is generally considered to be the greatest mathematician of antiquity.  Archimedes' middle name is Supercell.  Jaymon named him after his MMA team and the awesome storms of the midwest. 

Cynthia O'H asked:
You're a pretty natural person. What is the most unnatural thing that you have done?
I used to be so hard on my body.  I smoked many cigarettes and ate much junk food mostly the gas station kind.  I went through the diet pill phase and the nicotine patch and lozenge years when trying to quit.  I have smoked my share of pot and done some cocaine too. I have tried many drugs but always felt let down each time. 
  I spent many years always choosing the instant gratification and instant stress relievers instead of changing from the inside instead of running away.  Having a sustaining relationship and being a mother has given me wonderful limitations to be able to change.  My husband is also a saint.

foodiesloveoatmeal asked:
How do you get back on track after a couple days of unhealthy eating?
Its hard.  Unhealthy eating for me is overeating and usually consists of candy.  Its a matter of willpower to get back on track.  I also track my food on Livestrongs Daily Plate.  It keeps me honest!
zapmamak asked:
I have one more. I asked Christian the same question, but I know women deal differently so I'm curious:
What mental strategies do you use to get through challenging moments of pain or much needed motivation while running?
Favorite sayings when running is hard:
You've Freakin' Got This, Suck it up buttercup, You've got more in you just dig deep,  Pain is my friend so I will make it my friend and hold it close.  
I remind myself that it may be the last time I ever run and I should give it my all now that or enjoy it now, or both!   Florence and the Machine's song Dog Days runs through my head! Also I sing Mumford and Sons The Cave too. I also consider if I need to eat.  I get cranky when I need a GU or some calories. 

Lisa Olson asked:
What changes do you make with your running plan throughout the winter? Do you continue to run outside or use the treadmill?
I use minimal shoes over the winter and its more of my shoe testing time of year.  I am hoping to try some toe socks and huaraches this year.  I like to run on the treadmill so its not really a problem for me although our treadmill is rather loud and we have yet to come up with a computer solution by the treadmill so I can watch shows or listen to music when running.  I can't ever hear the dialogue of a show when running on our treadmill.  Its a work in progress!  

This has been fun people!!  Thanks for asking and I hope I didn't disappoint :)


Anonymous said...

I love how you named your children. I love when people have stories and reasons for their names.. Great play list!! Hope you're feeling well Angie!

Johann said...

Lovely! Always great to learn some non-running facts. Have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

I guess we all need a Vanessa!

misszippy said...

You are such an interesting mix! I love hearing about your background along with your current lifestyle.

And how are you feeling? I hope all went smoothly!!

Richelle said...

I'm enjoying learning more about you. I like the stories behind your kids' names. I didn't know you were so into grunge!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Love your honesty. I can relate to your "unnatural" choices in the past :) But I'm glad I've found something much better and more fulfilling. You are awesome.

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