Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bee stings, ducks, barefoot running, randomness

   The distance is now clear and crisp thanks to my new specks.  I tripped out for a couple of days looking at the paint on the neighbors house, each grass blade in their yard,  and the magnolia trees down the street.  Its a wonderful thing to see details in the distance.  We took a walk around the block the first day after it stopped raining and who knew each individual rain drop puddle would be so beautiful.

  I have been looking at the near future as I plan for my NYC trip coming up next Friday.  Making lists is easy, executing said items on this list is not so easy.  I have Umbuntu on my netbook and have had some issues to work out with Skype.  Fixed after much frustration and then a "duh" moment at the end.  I have been looking into downloading ebooks from the library onto the Nook. Done.  Now getting the laundry under control.....ugh.

  Tomorrow is International Barefoot Running Day and I have planned a get together at Grays Lake at 11:00 a.m. at the south east parking lots grassy area.  EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!  The whole family and I will be there to meet other barefoot runners or those looking to start barefoot running.  The weather looks like it will cooperate nicely.  I have nuun for those attending, but bring your own water and bottle, and I also have Ecolips lip balm for you as well!  Oh and two Barefoot Running Step by Step books by KenBob Saxton to give away as a "door prize". 

  I am going to help Jerry tend bees on Monday.  He has 8 hives that made it through the winter and a couple of those hives are sort of half arse.  One has a queen for sure and the other we are not sure if there is a queen.  We will open up that hive and see if we can see eggs that have been laid recently which is a sure sign of a queen.  If there is a queen in there then we have to decide what to do with those two hives.  More than likely we will combine the two to make a big healthy honey producing hive.  I love learning this stuff.  We sat and talked yesterday while sipping iced tea in the sun about grafting queens this summer and my oldest spawns desire to have a duck as a pet.  He gets first dibs on a Muscovy peep when the eggs hatch.

  I have been uber anxious about being stung by a bee. It will happen eventually its just part of beekeeping.  I have been battling panic attacks lately though and this comes into the whole fear mix.  My father developed an adult onset bee allergy and I am worried that I too have an allergy although there is nothing to indicate this only my fear.  I do have an Epipen though so I am thinking of deliberately stinging myself to finally lay to rest my fear.......or maybe I will wait :)

Yesterday was the first skirt day of the year! Its about time.  The weather ha Here's to many many more warm days!  We set out to do 15 miles and stopped at 5.  This weeks theme has been running interruptions.  Its been one thing after another.  The miles were barefoot and it was warm. I can't complain too much.
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