Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pearl iZumi Starfleet Jacket review

   No, Pearl iZumi does not have an actual Starfleet Jacket but it sure looks like it and made this SciFi running geek feel like a crew member!  To back up a bit, I have worked with Outside PR testing out products and letting them know what I think and then writing reviews for you here.  Most of the time the products from companies that Outside PR represents are great, other times not so much.  I know what I like and am up for trying new things but I know that they want my opinion and not just a great review above all.  When I received the shoes and shorts that were sent out first I didn't want to write a review bashing products with the consideration that they are just not my style. 
These styles that I was first sent  are wildly popular and Pearl iZumi is a well known name in Triathlete apparel.  I just saw a cyclist at the fairgrounds when we were running that had on some sweet tights from Pearl iZumi!  Two of the four items I tried I really like so this is quite a balanced review.  

Bartlett Jacket AKA Starfleet Jacket!
  The coffee color is beautiful and this photo does not do the color justice. Denim bonded fleece backed fabric provides warmth and I also discovered that it is water resistant as well.  The photo was taken in the rain and the jacket stayed dry.

I was dubious at first about it being denim but this is not your typical jean jacket.  Actually it looks nothing like a jean jacket. The fabric is tough but soft and this style is so posh.

It has a full length zipper for venting with outside flap to keep you warm and make you look as cool as I do!

  It has one zippered back pocket.  It's tapered to be semiform fitting and longer in the back.   Its priced at $120 and as comfortable as it is and still functional I would go for it.  The sleeves are long enough for me. This is not something I can count on with clothing and I am fairly tall at 5'9" so its something I always look for.

  The shoes are called ISO Transition. The description implies a barefoot feel. I completely disagree and think that its just a way to try and jump on the "barefoot" bandwagon without putting in real effort.   Way too padded and too high of a heel lift for me. Being a barefoot runner I believe that padded, cushioned, stabilizing running shoes encourage poor form that will lead to injuries over time.  The raised heel changes my posture too much for running however I did wear them walking  to test them out and the cushion was nice on such a long walk it was just excessive and like I said made my posture pronounce the natural sway in my lower back from the raised heel.   There was virtually no ground feel so I didn't even try and run in these. 

  They run small and even after taking out the insole my toes still touch the end uncomfortably yet a bigger pair would be too wide.  This may be the shape of my foot.

Another aspect of these is that they have drainage holes in the sole of the shoe.  This would be fantastic for draining water however on the flipside they suck up water too.  The colors are great and if they were a true minimal shoe I would be interested but I will not sacrifice style for function on shoes anymore.

I love the lacing system and think that more shoes should incorporate the speed lacing and lock.  I hate to stop and tie my shoes. It throws me off every time I wear shoes.  So they are priced at $115.  I would suggest spending that money on a pair of true minimal shoes or go barefoot and spend that moola on some cute clothes.

T  he shorts are a popular style and I am not sure why. The waist is not flattering and they remind me of bloomers.  You know the fluffy old style underwear.   I see lots of people running in them and very few are flattered by these shorts.  I am a skirt girl for sure and have not found shorts to change that. Skirts are more forgiving and flattering in the right places.  Maybe the Sugoi Moxie shorts would change my mind but I have not even seen anything close that I like.  The Pearl iZumi split fly shorts are similar to the Moxie so maybee....

  The was a surprise in the box and I couldn't find what it was called on the website.  It is a dryfit t-shirt in black with white trim down the sides.  Its long.   Its awesome to get shirts that are long enough!!  Another thing about being tallish is that shirts tend to be too short.
  This shirt is nice and soft, wicks sweat and has a great slimming effect with the white trim down the sides.   So far with my clothing experience with Pearl iZumi, they all seem to be well made so I think its safe to say that all of the apparrell is well made.   There are many items that I like the look of so I think that they have something to offer for everyone.

The photo is the mystery shirt from Pearl iZumi!


Black Knight said...

Beautiful items. The mystery shirt is really wonderful.

Alyssa said...

I love love love that jacket!

kat said...

Like the shirt, love the jacket, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Janice said...

When I was a pre-teen, I thought I was to tough and cool to wear skirts and dresses. Now I run in them! I'm definitely a running skirt kinda girl:) I still don't wear them any other time though....

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love an honest review!

Roses said...

I'm wearing the NewBalance minimus life for casual wear. I have wide feet so technically they are too narrow for me but I still really like them. Super flexible and soft. Besides the width, my complaint is not vented well enough and the shoe salesman was clueless about fitting a barefoot runner.

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