Sunday, January 2, 2011

Farther than I thought I was going today

I have a goal of running 1500 miles this year and that puts me at about 29 miles a week.  This seems like a lot of miles but I am starting to think that it will be the right amount for both body and mind.

December is a hard month.  Its a transition month.  It starts to get cold and snow here in Des Moines typically right at the first of December which makes running hard and then the holidays are disruptive.   I am thinking that this December I will take it easy and maybe fast or concentrate on rest and cross training and accept ahead of time that I need to have very few expectations for that month.

January though, Oh January I really like you!  It represents turning a corner, a renewal.  I have a fresh start and fresh goals.  Even though its still cold and dark for too much of the day I feel hopeful.

I took off running from my house today thinking I would run for at least an hour.  After I got to the cemetery and had run for 30 minutes I thought I would go for 10 miles since I was feeling so good.
I am testing out Soft Stars Runamocs. They are a minimal running shoe that is much like a moccasin.  This run is my first time wearing them.
Hello downtown Des Moines in the distance!
   As I was heading down the backside of the tallest hill  I see a familiar runner approaching.  My heart skipped and I was so happy to see the hubby running towards me!  He decided to surprise me and join me.  It was just too wonderful of a day to miss.  Its funny in winter how 32 degrees, sun, and no wind seems just about perfect!

 We talked and laughed and at mile 10 I hit that sweet spot where everything takes on a fuzzy haze and I experience a lovely reprieve from the discomfort I was feeling.  I could still feel the discomfort but the edges were softened and I could smile and just float along.
Thats when Jaymon said something about the lyrics to the song She Talks To Angels when I mentioned that I had hit the sweet spot.

"Yeah she gives a smile when the pain comes,
The pain gonna make everything alright."

Now I can't get She Talks to Angels out of my head.  I ended my run at a little over 12 miles.  I could have gone on longer however I didn't prepare for that long of a run and knew I needed some electrolytes when my calves started to cramp.  So we headed home feeling refreshed and exhausted.
Tomorrow looks to be a nice day as well and I am hoping to get out there for an hour tomorrow while Jupiter is at therapy.
13 more miles to go this week!

A giveaway from Running Chics just needs to be typed up and posted so stay tuned for a chance to win a thermal and pants!!


AM! said...

happy New Year!
I so hear you on Dec, Jan, and how cute the hubs ran with you. nice.

and i too just posted a song I can't get outta my head. mines a lil' more top 40, but still. it's my mantra;-)

Anonymous said...

Love it when a run goes well! Happy New Year!

Richelle said...

Great song! I also enjoyed the Beck one you posted a couple days ago.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You have the most stunning eyes!!

1500 miles in 2011! Go Angie Bee!

Amanda@runninghood said...

awesome run Angie! I love the sweet spot and I love all the music you are exposing me to! :) I wish my hubby and I could run together more often but it is hard to get away together since someone needs to stay with the kids.

funderson said...

That is so sweet he hooked up with you on course... How are those mocs?

Runners Fuel said...

Love the new kicks!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Since I often run loops, I love it when Hubbs or biking sherpa come towards me having done the loop in reverse. There is nothing like seeing that smiling face.

Let's hear about those new "shoes". 12 miles, you must have liked them.

OrangeBlossom said...

So super sweet that hubby joined you! A running date.

How did you like the mocs?

The Boring Runner said...

Good song, now I have it in my head! Not a bad thing.

I ran 1510 or something last year. Totally doable. The trick is that you have to have a few 45 mile weeks to balance out taper weeks and weeks where you will be too busy to get in the miles. Good luck!

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