Saturday, January 1, 2011

First 3 miles of the year were cleansing.

 I have had some intense personal growth issues come up the last few days.  They have been coming for a while now and finally surfaced.   Not comfortable at all.  Yoga tends to waken deep feelings in me so I am not surprised in hindsight, just weary.

  I made some stupid mistakes too that were bugging me.  They were silly mistakes that baffle me that I made them but I did and have to deal with it so I was stressed anyways.   When I finally went down to run on the treadmill I wanted music and speed.  My feet hurt now and I am compelled to work on a callous issue I have been having but those three miles were bliss. My chest hurts from the stress purge and hard breathing and I feel like I have freed up space in my reserve to deal with stress now.  (Having an incredibly steadfast husband helps too!)

  When Mumford and Sons The Cave came up on the playlist I about lost it.   "come out of the cave walking on your hands"  does it to me every time.  Plato's allegory of the cave has always fascinated me and compelled me to move away from what I thought I knew and into the unknown.   Its scary.  Running and good music take the edge off when it feels like its too much.
"come out of the cave walking on your hands" It makes me smile..You not only come out of the cave but do it walking on your hands.  I think I will practice my handstand.  I want to be able to walk on my hands and do handstand push ups. 

  So three miles on the treadmill in about 25 minutes.  I am overestimating since our treadmill is on its last legs and just quit keeping track of time and distance accurately during my run.  Tomorrow we are going treadmill shopping. 

I was sent some ToeSox to test out and have been wearing them to do yoga and when I ran on the treadmill.  I am testing one pair to see how many miles can be put on them.   The little nubbies are grippy and the socks are quite warm and comfortable.   So far they are pretty great!  More of a review will come after I have had some time to test them out.

Can you do a handstand?? Any desire to do one?   Happy Running on your hands or otherwise!


Avocational Singer said...

Well, about 30 years ago I could do a handstand. I could also walk on my hands. Me and all three of my sisters could do it because my dad could do it. He taught all four of us. We used to practice in the living room all the time against the wall, but after a time we never needed the wall again and did them everywhere -- in the living room, the kitchen, outside in the yard, down the street.

The thought of doing it now scares me half to death. Yet the memory ... it was SO fun! I keep thinking that it would be so great to be able to do it again.

But I think I'd have to lose a lot of weight.
(Frances aka "Barefoot Fresca"

Amanda@runninghood said...

Great song Angie. I can see how that got you moving! Also, glad the socks are working for you. Happy New Year! Oh, and I probably can still do a handstand for a few seconds but nothing more than that. :)

Black Knight said...

I never saw that kind of socks before. I hope they work for you. Nice song, I like it.
My condolences for the passed "dreadmill".
Handstand: impossible mission here.

ShellBell said...

I started to try to do a handstand pushup too this summer. I got about 2" from the bottom and then just forgot to do them after a while. I need to work on that again too. It makes me feel so strong!

misszippy said...

Love that your run gave you what you needed at that moment! Handstands? I'd probably break my neck, but it's a nice thought!

Caratunk Girl said...

Running has saved me more than once - I am glad it gave you just what you needed when you needed it! Enjoy treadmill shopping!

Me - handstands - ummm nope. I am more of a cartwheel kind of girl.

Janice said...

I love that song. Especially the line 'I'll know my name when it's called again.' Speaks to me loud and clear about being who I am and being comfortable with myself.

Run in joy:)
(Chasing Barefoot Joy)

Junie B said...

i got ToeSox for Christmas and they have changed my hot yoga life!!! i have since ordered a second pair!!!

ShutUpandRun said...

You just gave me a great idea. Maybe I should start running on my hands since it won't hurt my hip. At least I'd be running. Back in the day I could walk around for hours on my hands. Guessing I should go barefott?

ShutUpandRun said...

I mean bare hands?

Stephanie said...

I love that song! I also love cleansing runs!

I don't think I could even do a handstand.

Unknown said...

@Avocational Singer, That is so cool!! I remember practicing them as a kid and always too timid.

This is the year of the handstand!!

@BK thank you for the condolences on our old dreadmill :) Ciao!

@Shelly I remember you saying you were doing those this summer! I would feel like such a badass if I could do one!

@Caratunk Girl- Cartwheels are the best and round offs are even better :)

Unknown said...

Janice, I know exactly what you mean!
That line gets me deep too.

Junie B- they are really fantastic and I look forward to writing a review of them! I hate when my feet get cold before I have warmed up from doing yoga at home. These socks are fab!

SUAR- I am not surprised that you could do that. Time to get in touch with the inverted side of yourself. Maybe it will balance things out between lower and upper body and don't wear gloves!

RunToTheFinish said...

i wrote a whole post about how yoga makes me cry! It doesn't always happen but when things are going on it slows me down and breaks me open

hmm handstand would be cool, but I sooo can't

Runners Fuel said...

I use to do gymnastics when I was younger and could do a handstand then. Not anymore.

funderson said...

Handstand yes...headstand not so much. Makes me nervous. I so know what you're talking about in this post. I'm just thankful I run. I'm not sure what sort of anxiety ridden, prescription pill popping loon I'd be without it!

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