Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GU and Road ID giveaway!!

Giveaway closed, thanks for participating
I have loved Road ID for a while now.  I am the proud mother to four lovely male spawn.  All of them have Road ID's thanks to Outside PR  hooking the 3 little ones up and winning one on a blog giveaway for the oldest spawn.
My oldest has the Dog tag style ID and the younger three have the Wrist ID elite.
Here is my review of our family Road ID's.  
I have the wrist ID elite with both blue and green bands.  I wear mine all the time.  I forget that I have it on!
My husband, who never wears any kind of adornment unless its clothing, ordered the black sport band.  So now my whole family has ID's and we all wear them often when we go out and on road trips especially for the spawn.   The boys ask for their "special red bracelets"!

I get to give away a sweet Road ID of your choice!!  Its so fun to give things away, especially when they are products that I truly believe in.

I also get to give away two 6 packs of GU. One six pack of Vanilla Gingerbread and  one six pack of Chocolate Mint flavor!

I have yet to try the Gingerbread although I have no doubt I will like it since I already love all the other flavors and Vanilla bean is my ultimate favorite with Chocolate mint not far behind. GU is gluten free so it works with my crazy special diet!

Here are the rules to the giveaway and are pretty standard. Make sure to post a separate comment for each thing you do. I am using so each comment is an entry. You can do one or all, its up to you how much work you want to put in!

  • Be a follower of this blog
  • Blog, tweet, facebook, skywrite, email, ect about this giveaway.  You can do one or all and each once a day throughout the giveaway time frame just make sure to post a comment each time.
  • Go sign up for the Road ID Holiday Giveaway
  • Like the GU facebook page
  • Because autism and special needs folks are close to my heart and I think that Road IDs are great for those with special needs as well as their parents who worry so much about said kids, mention Road ID to someone you know who has a child with autism.   It seems as if everyone knows someone with autism or special needs of some kind  these days.   If you are someone who has a kiddo with autism or any other kind of special need let me know what you think of the idea of an ID for them.
This giveaway will run until Tuesday the 14th and I will announce the winner on Wed the 15th.
Good luck my friends!
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