Thursday, December 30, 2010

aaahhh a barefoot run today!

  I have been in a cantankerous, depressed, downright crap mood for days.  Personal growth is hard and when things come up that demand to be dealt with I tend to fight it.  Now I am ready, I think, to move forward.  Mother nature must have known that I needed a reprieve and graced us with a 60 degree day with a warm wind and sunshine.

  I opened up the front door and listened to music and cleaned for most of the afternoon. Some Rhodeola and coffee helped too. When Jaymon got home we quickly got ready to go and ran right out the front door.   The cold wet roads made me feel alive again.

We ran  up to the cemetery and found that they have repaved about half of the roads there.  It was a mixture of ouches from the rough areas and ooooos from the smooth new roads.   I learned how to run barefoot in that cemetery and I am lighter than Jaymon so I have a higher tolerance for the rough roads there since they are so familiar and I have a positive association with them.

I was a little worried that I might get some hot spots or blisters running on the wet roads barefoot. Its tricky and one must pay close attention to form. My feet have maintained their resilience and I only have one hot spot on my right big toe which isn't really even worth mentioning.  It will be completely healed by tomorrow  I'm sure.

Tomorrow will turn cold again and stay that way for a while it looks like but I feel better to have gotten out there today.  I felt strong and full of forgotten energy and ready to keep moving forward.

On a completely different note,
My dad, Skip Bishop,  sent a card over Christmas telling me that he met a fit looking woman wearing VFF in New Mexico at the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  This fit looking woman in VFF knew who I was.  What a small and random world!!  He couldn't remember your name but was excited to tell me about it.  Who are you VFF Cliff Dwellings lady???

Happy New Years Eve Eve!
This is what I had playing as we stepped out the door to run today!
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