Friday, December 31, 2010

Lookin back on 2010 and goals for 2011

  I have had a great year! So many opportunities came my way that I would never have predicted in a million years. Many of which were directly related to the goals I put in place for myself for the year.     2010 was the first year that I set reasonable and attainable goals for myself and I am proud to say I did a stellar job!
Here is my goals post from last year.  The list in the beginning stands as  is. They are  things to work on regardless of time or place and a reference post to refer to.

  • I set a goal to run 1000 miles and ended up with 1148!  In 2009 I ran 525 for the year. Huge improvements!
  • I raced in costume at the Living History Farms Race!!  I also PRed by 8 minutes!
  • I set a goal to blog once a week.  I did that and then some!  
  • I decided to kick my addiction to Perez Hilton. Done. I have not even peeked once this whole year. In 2011 I will choose to spend my time in other ways the same as in 2010.
  • Do things that scare me.  This was broad and undefined specifically however I did think of it just about every time I was faced with a decision that made me uncomfortable and afraid.  I would close my eyes, hold my nose, and jump in.  
  • I didn't get down to 135.  I did lean up a bit and lost 6 pounds.  I had trouble with anemia over the summer and let go of loosing weight as soon as I found out so I had enough energy to get better and still continue with marathon training.  Most days I like the way I look and feel and thats what matters most.  

When the boys and I moved to Des Moines in 2007 to get better services for my son Jupiter who has autism, the first thing I did was get him on the waiting list to get services through The Homestead.  Now over 3 years later he is finally in the program and doing WONDERFULLY!!  Its amazing to see him blossom and he is really happy right now which of course make my heart sing for him.  He is also in a pretty stellar school too.
I have had to jump through so many bureaucratic hoops to get him the services he needs that it makes me weary just to think about it but it was worth it and I would do it all again a hundred fold if its what needed to be done.   Those 1148 miles helped me get through it!

  Out of all my goals I see blogging once a week to have had the biggest impact on our lives.  Its a  shining example of the beauty of the internet and social networking.  I have scored two different jobs from blogging that will both carry through 2011.  One is with nuun active hydration as a brand ambassador and Team Leader for Iowa as well as a sponsored athlete. The other is with Merrell doing writing and educational material. Great things will be happening in 2011 for both companies and I am very excited to be a part of it!
 I have learned through blogging that if you put yourself out there honestly, wonderful people and opportunities will appear seemingly out of nowhere!

  This year we bought a minivan which represents freedom and adventure for my family.  It also came at the perfect time.   About 3 days before I was to go out of town for a nuun trip to the Quad Cities we bought the van and I was able to haul all of the gear for the Bix 7 Expo I was working.  It has proven to be perfect for work and family.

I have been interviewed for many different articles as well as been featured on prominent blogs.   This baffles me but is fun at the same time.  The New York Times article was pretty cool!

I recorded my Aha Moment when the Mutual of Omaha team came through Des Moines.  This was one of those things that scared the crap out of me.  You may not be able to tell on the video but I was terrified!  Seriously close to tears and then I get the link weeks later and watch it and think I was so very silly for being so scared.

I ran the Des Moines Marathon barefoot in 4:28.  This was fantastic considering I had anemia in the summer which disrupted my training and I also worked two 10 hour days at the expo before the race!  Best part of the race, I loved every step!  I ran a treadmill marathon while in Omaha on a nuun trip thinking that the running would help me sleep.  It didn't help me sleep but it did allow me to go the whole Des Moines Marathon without once second guessing my ability to go the distance.

I have had the pleasure of trying out loads of products and gear for many different companies and have had the chance to give much of it away on the blog as well.  Lots of relationships have been forged that I am thankful for.

My husband and I are closer than ever.  We compliment each other so well.  I love our situation and that we are growing and moving through this life together.  When things get scary for me I know he is there.   This was not our relationship years ago.  Its been long hard work but worth every second.  The things I like most about myself are things that have grown from his influence on my life. Our collaboration to be happy.

So on to my goals for 2011.
These are in no particular order and are all subject to change as life changes over the year.  I know from 2010 that anything can happen.  I predict that we will be very busy with work and races and therapy for Jupiter (which trumps all).  We also homeschool 3 of my 4 spawn so that keeps us busy as well and yet allows for great freedom and flexibility and its really fun to be with my spawn as they grow up.

  • 1500 miles for 2011.  That would be 28.84 miles per week.  I lost momentum for my running goal after I met 1000 miles early this year.  I  hope to run some longer distance races and marathons and will be putting in lots of training runs that will add up quickly.  I don't however want to run because I have to.  I want to run every run because I want to.  Great thing about barefoot running is that its pretty reliably fun!  With the hubby running barefoot now it has been working into our schedule better for us to run together.
  • Yoga twice a week.  Also I will do 108 sun salutations on the fall and spring equinox and winter and summer solstices.  It can be the day before or after depending on how busy I am.  I am also going to film myself doing a Sun Salutation on Monday so I can refer back to it next year and see my progress.
  • No candy.  I can have honey or agave in my coffee.  I can have GU or Cliff as needed.  (This goal will be hard.)
  • Blog one or more times a week.
  • Saying maybe instead of instantly saying No.  This goes for everything.  I think it will really make a difference in my parenting and wifeyness. 
  • Focus on taking care of others when I am feeling stressed.  I tend to internalize and distance myself and want to change this about myself.
  • Hug and shake hands like I mean it.   You know the hugs.  The ones where you feel "hugged".  I have a friend Domonique and my brother who both give memorable hugs.  I want to do that too.  I want to shake hands without leaning over from the hip awkwardly. Those are uncomfortable for both parties. I have a nice firm handshake but sometimes its too far away. I will walk up with a smile and even give a two handed hand shake when called for.  (This is scary in a sense but I can do it and with all the people I meet through work I need to make it a point to do.)
  • work on my relationship with my oldest son Samson.  He is almost 11 and a whole different creature these days.  He is so busy and active in the world and I need to work to learn how to interact with him.  
  • I will step up and organize barefoot runner meetups here in Iowa.  I am the Barefoot Runner Society Chapter President and I need to start acting like one!!   We have great spots to run here in Des Moines and we should be getting together.  I will make this happen.  (This is scary too :)  
  • Its not a goal really but I am hoping to get braces this year.  Now is better than later.  I think I could rock some braces :)
  • I want to learn about bee keeping and hope to visit some people who have hives.
  • When paperwork stuff needs to be done I will get on it right away and not put it off for more than one day after receiving it.  

The first born spawn and I.  We define cool.
I have some running goals that are what will make up the bulk miles of my 1500 miles goal.

  • Mind the Ducks!!!  This is a 12 hour timed race in Rochester NY on May 14th.  I will be traveling by train to get there which will be an awesome adventure in and of itself.  (Anyone in Chicago that wants to hang out while I am  six hours in between trains??)    I want to run 40 miles but will leave that up to the day and what it brings.
  • I am already signed up for the Des Moines Marathon on October 16th.  Can I run a 4 hour marathon.....I at least want to beat 4:28 but I will shoot for 4.  My buddy Forey needs to get 4 to qualify for Boston.  Maybe we can run it together.
  • Dam to Dam 20k.  It will be the 3rd year I run it.  Its really fun and I want 1:45..  I think I have that in me.
  • I will be spontaneous with racing.  Working for nuun will bring opportunities to work at expos and I am hoping it will also get me race entries for being a vendor.  How fun to run random races! This means I will keep my fitness up to do so.
  • I want to be a Marathon Maniac.  I think it would be cool to do it by running the Omaha Marathon in the barefoot division and then the Des Moines Marathon.  If this one happens, cool.  If not then the next year.

I think that pretty much covers all the aspects of this post that I had in mind.  There is no way to encompass this whole year.  It has been epic and I am flooded with fond memories thinking about it.  I look forward to 2011 and will work to remember to breathe and smile often especially when I don't feel like it.

Tonight I will be doing Yoga to bring in the New Year as my family plays all around me and tomorrow I will run.
Have a wonderful 2011!


Maggs said...

Great goals! I look forward to following along as you meet them. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in 2011. I feel you will meet and exceed all your goals!

shel said...

amazing year for you, so many accomplishments! hope 2011 is all you dreamed it would be!

Vanessa said...

I expect a quality hug from you at MTD!

ShutUpandRun said...

You've had a great year with lots of amazing stuff to come. I loved the "hug" goal for 2011. And saying "maybe" more. I'm going to incorporate those too.

Leah F said...

Sounds like you had a great year and have another great one ahead of you!

As for getting race entries for working expos, let me know if that works for you! My friend Erin and I work expos for The Stick and I've never yet gotten an entry for it. You can get some pretty sweet vendor discounts from other exhibitors though.

Best of luck in 2011!

Elizabeth said...

2010 seems to have been an incredible year for you but wishing you much more in 2011. Need to figure out how to work an expo for a company, on my to do list for this year.

Unknown said...

You have such great goals and I can see you meeting all of them. The sun salutations sound cool; I have so much respect for yoga but don't have the patience to do it. I may try Pilates, though, to help strengthen my core; we'll see.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love the handshake and hug goal!! 2010 has been good to you and it sounds like 2011 will be too!

I am tempted to come back home to run Omaha or Des Moines! It would be so awesome to meet you in person!

No candy?! YOu are hard core!!

Black Knight said...

Your 2010 was great but I am sure that the 2011 will be better. Best wishes.

Jennifer said...

Great goals. Just found your blog. I am now a follower on I am a barefooter as well. I am newer to doing this. Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer!
The first thing I did was go and make friends at the Runners World Barefoot running forum. That has grown and evolved into the Barefoot Runner Society. Its wonderful to share this new adventure with others that share your passion for running and barefoot running both.

Take your barefoot running very slow and remember to relax and go with the flow when you run.

Let your feet guide you. Its more than just taking off your shoes, its developing a working relationship with your mind and body. Its a lovely experience and I have not had a run in the last year and a half that I didn't enjoy even if it didn't meet my expectations.
I will send you an invitation to the Barefoot Runners Society through email. Let me know if you get it!

Richelle said...

Best of luck to you in 2011! I can't wait to read about you achieving your goals. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and great achievements for you personally and your family. Good luck in 2011

Nikki Kendall said...

Des Moines 2010 was my very first marathon and I live in Omaha! It is so fun to see a blog about home!

funderson said...

YES! 11 year old boys totally rule, but ARE very different. It is hard for me to avoid
(s)mothering him to death.

Junk Miler said...

I look forward to the progress of your, er, progress. Happy random flip of the calendar! Or rather, change of calendar.

The Boring Runner said...

Love the goals. Like I said before, 1500 miles is totally achievable.

I just read your NYT article - VERY cool. I had no idea! How in the world did you get hooked up with them!?

Hehe - Perez. Too funny

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like you had an awesome 2010! Can't wait to follow your journey through 2011. Looks like lots of wonderful things on tap for you.

Kera said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment! Great blog, and it's great to know that I'm not the only running mommy out there. Kudos to you and your goals this year!

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