Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cherry Lime Roctane is from the goddess!

Recently I hosted a GU and Road ID giveaway.
Up for grabs along with the Road ID were a box each of Chocolate Mint GU and Vanilla Gingerbread GU.   I had tried the Chocolate Mint before the giveaway however had not tried the gingerbread.  I assumed that I would love it since Vanilla Bean GU is like Ambrosia.   I was so very wrong.  I hated it.  I must be honest. To me it tasted like the way bandaides smell.  This is THE ONLY flavor I don't like.  It was unsettling.
I told Devon at Outside PR about it and she said "it happens."  Love that response!  I was just thinking of Forrest Gump and how awesome that movie is.

Back to GU.  I don't use GU solely for running or working out. It has other places as well. When I am out in the world with my herd of boy spawn and my blood sugar gets low I get cranky.  Its nice to have some caffeine for that added happy kick when juggling my crazy fun kids. So I have a few GUs in my bag for those long days.

GU has two new flavors.  Cherry Lime Roctane and Peach Tea Chomps.  I was giddy as I opened a package from Devon upon arriving home from out not so stellar road trip.  I was stoked to see six Cherry Lime Roctanes!  I waited until I was nice and tired and hungry from running around this afternoon before trying the new Roctane.   It cancels out the yuck of trying Gingerbread a million times over!  Its sour and sweet and has a nice caffeine kick with 2x the caffeine.

Any of you ever been to Sonic and had a cherry limeaide?  Its like that with caffeine and minus the freezy headache all in a nice little gel pack.  On long runs I like the sour fruity flavors better than the rich sweet flavors.  The Cherry Lime is sweet but it's more than that with that tart cherry and sweet lime.  Follow this link for more information on what makes Roctane so groovy.   I look forward to trying the Peach Chomps in the future!
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