Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road trippin to warmer weather.

After looking at the weather predictions of colder temps here in Des Moines and then seeing a clear calendar week, we decided to head south to savor the warmer weather in Kansas.  We have family there and a house to stay at and a sweet ride that is just made for road trips. We already are planning the next trip back!
Jaymon and I ran barefoot in the lovely Oakdale park and also at Tuttle Creek while visiting my dad before he heads south for a warmer winter in New Mexico.

  Being a barefoot runner and not a big fan of cold weather in general it really makes life easier to have the freedom and flexibility to take a road trip to warmer temps.  I had the sun kissing my skin and the breeze was warm and the roads were perfect!
No garmins, I actually don't own a garmin or an ipod either, so we just ran for time and guessed the miles. Over 6 but not quite 7 was all we had time for.  Its awesome to blast up a hill and get to the top and recover so quickly and think that I wish we had a bigger one to run up or the time to go back and do it all again. I can vividly remember not long ago feeling like death was knocking just walking up a hill.
My family watched the spawn while Jaymon and I explored Tuttle Creek Reservoir. This road had just been paved and was the smoothest I have ever ran on. A person could seriously get spoiled on a road like this. It was still warm from the day and felt lovely underneath my feet.

I had to watch the road to avoid the masses of grasshoppers that were hopping about and then I saw this fella.  He has a huge grasshopper leg hanging out of his creepy mouth.

 I find arachnids intriguing from a nice distance.  It about did me in to get close enough to take this picture. A little butt clenching fear just makes for a more exciting adventure I suppose!
There were many families along the way camping and calling out comments about our bare feet. The usual fun stuff like "you forgot your shoes" followed by laughter and questions. I like how people are curious about our seemingly odd behavior.  My automatic reply these days is that bare feet are more fun.
The rolling hills, the view, the people, the many nice restrooms, a play area for kids, makes this area stellar for families and especially running families!  The dear one and I talked about how running together as a family or even taking a walk together at  family gathering would set a nice mood.  Running takes an edge off of any stressful situation.  I felt very comfortable being at my fathers house visiting although I felt even better and more at ease after we got back from our run and oh my goodness how wonderful dinner and some nuun tasted!

  I am just shy of a half marathon away from meeting my 1000 miles for the year goal!  I am headed to Grays Lake to hopefully polish those off today.
We are planning our next trip for Thanksgiving and I just ordered my goggles and helmet for my costume for Living History Farms Race that happens right before we set off on that road trip.  That sucker filled up fast and I am so glad I signed up the day after it opened!


Runners Fuel said...

Awesome run!! I hate bugs...expecially grasshoppers. I hate how they jump on you!! Eww!!

run4may said...

Love the spontaneous mini vacation to warm weather. The trails looks perfect for BFR.

KovasP said...

How great to have the warm weather option!

Jill said...

Yay for roadtrips to warmer days :). Um...that spider with the grasshoper part about made me lose my lunch - ick!

Michael Blanchard said...

Dude! Usually when people ask me if I'm worried about stepping on things when I run barefoot, I tell them there isn't that much to worry about, and I'm careful. That spider would make me think twice, though. Yikes! Congrats on 1,000 miles!

C2Iowa said...

Hate spiders!

Bring back some of that heat to central Iowa for me please...

The video was cool.

Unknown said...

Video is cool... I'm not scared of spider even grasshopper but i hate snake like Cobra facing at you while you running forward to them.. grrr.. Love vacation to warm weather its really great if you use vibram.

Jaromír said...

Beautiful pics from your run!

Stacy said...

Mmmmm. Warm weather. I miss those days. Hello, Iowa winter...!

Emz said...

"you forgot your shoes" - love that.

Beautiful photos!

And ---- THANK YOU!!! I got my sleeves and HOLY CRAP - they rock. Posting on them tomorrow....yes, they deserve a post!! THANK YOU!!

RunToTheFinish said...

ha you are funny warm weather in KS, gack

I'll be there the week after thanksgiving if you happen to make it down I'd love to run with you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh new paved roads!! What a treat!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Eeek! You're way braver than me getting in that close to that spider!! Running barefoot on the warm road does sound like a treat!

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