Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Allied Running Medal Hangers review

  My friend Hsu-Jen Huang is a professor of architecture, cake artist, and all around creative guy who runs barefoot in Savannah Georgia.  We met on the Runners World barefoot running forum over a year ago and around that time he came up with the sweet swirl foot design.  Back then I had ditched the shoes and was running 5-8 miles and dreaming of a half marathon.   Now I am hanging my first barefoot full marathon medal on this display.   I thought it was fitting to use a design that ties into the whole journey.

Allied Running Medal Hangers sent me a custom made race medal hanger.  I had the privilege of choosing the customization.  I sent them some ideas and they graciously  worked with me until I thought the design was just right.  

Thanks to Allied Steel for giving me this wonderful gift.  The medals were just hanging out in the back of my desk drawer.  I try out many things and give my opinion on them here on this blog.  Most things I like but few  have become staples. This is a favorite!!   As you can see from the photo above my barefoot angie bee medal hanger  is hanging on the main wall in my living room right next to the Squirrel Art made by my friend Josh, who also runs barefoot!
Who would have guessed that so much would have changed and so many opportunities would present themselves by taking off my shoes and blogging about it!

The medal hanger is light weight and easy to hang.  They have many designs so if you are into other sports or have a loved one who is for example, a runner of any distance, a triathlete, a golfer, cheerleader, or any other kind of medal collector then check out Allied Medal Hangers.  They can custom make virtually anything.  Here is a bit from their site.

"The addition of a Trumpf TruLaser 2030 in the summer of 2007 added an additional dimension to the services offered at Allied Steel Fabricators. Using a focused beam of light, lasers provide highly accurate cutting and intricate etching capabilities with fully automated efficiency."

Check out Allied Steel medal hangers and especially now that gift season is fast approaching and those runners in your life are looking back at the year.
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