Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jessica's Gifts Pendant giveaway! Barefooters will like this one!

Giveaway Closed thanks for participating!
Twenty Six Point Two Pendant Giveaway!

I recently won this sweet pendant from Courtney at RunCourtneyRun!  It was perfect timing since I had just ran the Des Moines marathon barefoot.  Of course I would choose this particular pendant with the two feet stamped in copper!!  I really like the font of the lettering as well.

 I waited patiently for the pendant to arrive so I could wear it around and proudly smuggly answer the questions about its meaning and share the love gloat with those that immediately recognize the distance.
  I was not in any way worried or upset when it didn't show up.  Since I won the giveaway I really can't be a jerk about getting really cool free stuff even if it was lost in the mail!   I figured it would all work out.  Time goes by and I get an email saying that Jessica from Jessica's gifts , was sending another one since the first was lost.  All said and done I have two sweet pendants from Jessica's gifts.  The second one arrived two days after the first and now I have an extra one that Jessica agreed to let me share with one of you!  It did all work out.

 Barefoot runners and runners in general will love this sterling silver stamped pendant with a copper stamped set of feet that take you the distance.  Whether you have made it 26.2  or are still aspiring to it, this pendant will remind you of what you are capable of.

Here are the rules, same as usual for the most part with the first being mandatory and make sure to post a separate comment for each thing that you choose to do.

Good luck and Happy Running!  

This is the description from Jessica's Etsy shop:
"twenty-six point two" sterling silver charm with "feet" on a copper disk
The silver disk on this piece is 3/4" in diameter and the small copper disk is 1/2". The font used in the one pictured is "designer"
 Note that the pendant does not come with the chain although she has chains available at her shop.
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