Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Headband winner, some advice, randomness

Yesterday was the first day of snow.  None of it stuck and today the sun came out.  The wind was harsh but it was bearable and if the whole winter were like today I would be very pleased.

  Jupiter had his second day at The Homestead today.  So far so good!  I refuse to get my hopes up too high but thats not to say that I am hopeful at all I am just limiting myself.  Its easier to manage the ups and downs that way.  Its more balanced instead of a roller coaster ride that just leads to weariness. I hate to feel weary.  Its worse than just feeling sad.

We now have 2.5 hours to fill while Jupiter is in therapy 5 days a week in Altoona.  We discovered The Altoona Campus just up the road. Its a gym that has an indoor track, pool, ect.  We only need it for the cold months and it will get us out of the house and doing something while we wait for Jupie.  

It gets dark by 5:10 and the winter solstice is still 20days away. 

Staci at She Runs In Sandals from South Africa won!!  I think it is very cool that I will be shipping them to South Africa!   

I thought I would share a correspondence with a friend over facebook with you all.
Do you have questions??

Hey Angie, I hate to keep bugging. But I have been trying to keep running in the VFF'S . If my calves keep hurting does that mean i am not running right in them or is that just part of the territory when you are a beginner.
Angela Hotz December 1 at 4:16pm
Its my understanding that its your calves getting stronger and your Achilles lengthening. Its a common issue when first going barefoot or to very minimal shoes like the VFF. Also its something that only you will know how much you can handle. There is a point when running through the discomfort will lead to injury but it is a fine line.
So if its a soreness that comes naturally from working muscles then just be careful and move forward slowly and if its pain then stop and rest for a few days.
My calves were sore for a while but it just felt like I was working them and the difference with barefoot running and starting in minimal shoes is that I had to go really slow to build up the pads on my feet and it was simultaneously slow enough to keep from not waiting long enough for my body to adjust.
Try to run light and smooth and land gently!
p.s. asking questions is a great way to learn things according to Big Bird and its sage advice :) You are not bugging me friend, ask away!


Junk Miler said...

Also, relax your calves and ankles. Let your heels touch the ground. Trying to keep your heels from landing stresses the calves unnecessarily.

Unknown said...

Yes!! I agree completely Josh! I think that when I started I went with a midfoot landing and through my interactions with others on the RW forums learned that the heel kissing the ground was necessary but gentle.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Glad to hear that class is going well so far. Nice to find a way to fill your time. I am not loving the darkness right now. It takes a while to get used to it. I do look forward to running in the dark over the holiday since the few "neighbors" around my 6+mile loop will have their lights up. It is so beautiful to silently slip by their houses.

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