Friday, November 5, 2010

1000 Miles in the bag!!

On December 31st 2009 as I typed out my New Years Resolutions I thought that setting a goal of running 1000 miles in 2010 was lofty at best.  In 2009 I ran 525 miles so 1000 was a big leap.

Now on this fine crisp fifth  day of November, I feel out of touch with the enormity of that goal now that it has been surpassed almost 2 months early.  I have averaged 100 miles per month.  Some months more and some less.  Through anemia and a new job and life in general I have kept at it.  It feels good to set out to do something and then get er' done!!  I am over-estimating that I ran about 50-75 miles in minimal shoes.

As I was running today I was considering what goals would be fitting for 2011.  Tentatively its going to be 1500.  Lets see if I can make 1200 by the end of this year and then decide for sure about 2011 but that would put me at around 30 miles per week.  Totally do-able yet challenging as well considering I have work,children, and other interests.
I love this time of year since it means scheming the 2011 race schedule.  Now that is always fun!  There is a trail marathon in April that I am considering in Lawrence KS on the way back home to visit.....

The littlest spawn is a bit under the weather and was so disheveled that he fell asleep on daddy.  I am working on hanging up those winter lights still as I smile about those 1004 miles so far!!  Have you started thinking of goals for 2011 yet?  I doubt that I am the only one.

Happy Running friends, oh and go check out the giveaways linked on my sidebar. There are some sweet ones right now!
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