Sunday, November 7, 2010

8.75 Miles on World Run Day!!

Its World Run Day today!!  If you haven't been out for a run yet today, you still have plenty of time!!
I just got back from 8.75 barefoot miles at the fair grounds.  The roads were smooth and the weather is gorgeous in the low 60s.  I got a nice dose of Vit D to go with my endorphins!

"Runners are asked to celebrate the sport of running on the day by promoting the health benefits of running to others and running “their own course” by either themselves or with a small group. Many participants send a monetary donation directly to their favorite charity. Group Events can be registered by calling 1 516 208-7030.

Charity Groups, Schools, and Running Clubs are invited to host World Run Day and join with other runners around the world in a fantastic display of running. World Run Day is considered by some as "the ultimate good" as it is good for your self and good for others - local charities around the globe. Register today and get your event t-shirt delivered directly to your home. World Run Day is a member of Running USA whose mission is advance the growth and success of the running industry in America. If you missed us this year, it's not too late to start planning for next year!"

Take a friend or family member out and move that body.  One foot in front of the other is all it takes!!
Happy Running Friends!


The Boring Runner said...

interesting, had no idea that it was world run day. Unfortunately, it is a rest day :( Booooo. But, I suppose that I'm running with everyone in spirit.

Would LOVE to run around the fairgrounds! Lots of good things to see there

Claire said...

3 barefoot miles on World Run Day..with my old dog Jenga..first time she's ran with me in over a year...good stuff.

It was a gorgeous day!

Momma got the runs said...

4 recovery miles after my first half yesterday! Gooo running!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea...boy I feel out of the loop! But I did run today- yay!

Unknown said...

Every day should be a run day. I got my half done:)

Anonymous said...

Oh geeze. Now I feel like a real bum. Didn't know of the holiday and I didn't run. Good thing you did!

Black Knight said...

Well done! That was a good way to run "together". To celebrate the World Run Day I ran 10 relaxing km near the sea. Ciao from Italy!

Johann said...

Yay for world run day! I did a 5km recovery run for that.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I squeezed in my run on World Run Day! It was so sweet. S'ghetti girl even asked during dinner if I had gotten my miles in. I love when my kids encourage me to run. Of course, she is really wanting me to hit 200 days after that her encouragement might wane a bit! heehee

Bill McDermott said...

I was pleased to come across this.
Glad to see you participated in some sense..


Bill McDermott
World Run Day

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