Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hardy Hibiscus, am I hardy.

Yesterday at a Hy Vee nuun sampling one of the ladies that worked at the store gave me two hardy Hibiscus plants that were on their way to the trash bin.   The first frost warnings usually comes around the 10th so I don't have much time to get the bushes in to the ground and give them time to take root before they have the cold stressing them.  In  very pessimistic tone I was told by the floral manager that the plants would not make it. They may or may not but I choose to believe that their label of hardy is true and they will come back in the late spring.
It got me thinking of winter and how we plan to weather it this year.  Last night was our first frost warning and its 8 days early this year. The hibiscus spent the night in my car. Eight days early is rather disheartening.

 Last year at the marathon, I ran the half, my feet were incredibly cold and it was 37 degrees the entire time I was out.  I was not dressed warmly enough so that made a big difference in my energy efficiency. This year I am planning for keeping my core as well as my extremities warm so my body does not have to work so hard to pump warm blood to my freezing bare feet.
I am second guessing whether or not I am an "indoor" winter runner or a "hardy" winter runner.  For that matter I am contemplating how profoundly the weather and outdoor temperature affects my level of motivation and overall mood.  If I know what to expect I can plan ahead for it and make things easier on myself.  The whole family included.

Whats that saying about wishes in one hand and sh!ttining in the other which one would fill up faster......regardless, I wish that we could winter in a warm climate.  I would love to live in Hawaii again during the winter and Iowa in the spring, summer, and fall. Being a snowbird is certainly in my nature and we have only had a frost warning so far!

 I must say that it is lovely to see the boys in their hoodies and sweat pants and snuggling on the couch under a blanket with the hubby watching Fringe is awfully nice.  I don't mind running on the treadmill if it means no freezing lungs although long runs are going to be tricky.  Chili and soups make eating in the winter a little too satisfying!
Hopefully if I plant those hibiscus a little deeper and give them a big mound of mulch they will make it til spring. I need some thermal tights, fleece arm sleeves, a good hoodie, a cute crocheted hat and to think lots of warm thoughts.
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