Monday, October 4, 2010

Dookey, Zensah, deer attacks, and other barefoot 20 miler highlights

  I stepped in shit.  Not sure what kind other than the nasty kind.  The upside is that the grass was wet on the side of the bike path and it came right off and there was no toe squishing or anything excessively gag worthy.  Just unpleasant and thankfully small animal poo..  Glad it was shit and not glass or some other stereotypical "you'll poke your eye out" barefoot running naysayer fodder. In the year and a half that I have been running barefoot this is the first time.  This happened at about mile 12 when my feet were warming back up. It was rather chilly this morning.  Just thought I would get that little tidbit out in the open first.

 The tree lined bike path is becoming increasingly covered with debris.  It also is varied in elevation and holds cold spots so it was a mix of being too warm and too cold throughout the 20 miles. All pretty typical fall conditions but ones that I have not thought of until today when my feet seemed incredibly sensitive.  Just as the temperatures varied, so did my mood.  I went back and forth on the whole barefoot marathon idea and the fact that it will be so cold and if its something I really want to do. "Whats the point" to "I love this and so glad I am here right now" to "what is wrong with me??" to "bliss"  ect.
 When I was warm, I was happy and smiling and thinking how fortunate I was to be out in nature this lovely time of year doing something that makes me so happy.  Then I stepped in shit and the good feeling was gone!   Actually it wasn't that bad and its just funny to say it now since some people out there will be so weirded out by it that they will actually think the possibility of this happening to them would be enough to never go barefoot again. sillyness. Besides I have stepped in worse in my own home and anyone with kids can probably say the same.

I set out at 8:00 this morning and only procrastinated a little bit after Jupiter left on the bus to school.
I should have had ear warmers for the first half of my run. This is one of a few things I learned on my first cold weather run and my last long run before the Des Moines marathon on the 17th.

Last year it was cold at the race.  It stayed at 37 degrees until  I got home afterwards.  It will more than likely be about the same this year and I beseech the universe to send us an Indian Summer here in central Iowa.....pretty pretty please.  I reserve the right to wear shoes if it gets below 37. It was 41 at 8:00 today.

  Another thing that I learned today is that I have not been running hills like I should be.  My very favorite route is full of hills in the cemetery.  Its the route I used to run most often and the one I started barefoot running on.  Recently I have chosen to forgo the hills in favor of the park or bike trails with Jaymon, both of which are very flat.

Today my right knee started to scream at me and my left hip was doing the same on the downhills.  I didn't realize how strong I was on the hills until today's pain.  Now that there are some weakness that have developed I wish I could get out there this very instant and head to my favorite hills! Tomorrow when I run to get the long run kinks out I am going to hit those hills for sure.

I did try out some new tights on this run.  They are the Zensah seamless tights.  My legs did stay pretty warm and they are very comfortable.  The waist is a little higher than I usually like but it didn't bunch up or move after I put them on so it wasn't a problem.
"Made in Italy with the most advanced yarns in the world.
Double sided ultra-breathable Zensah Fabric pushes moisture away from your skin keeping you dry. Silver ions preserve body warmth keeping you comfortable whether your on the slopes or in the gym."

I wore a running skirt over them and was quite comfortable.  I really like Zensah and they have been great in the past.  I still wear my bright blue calf sleeves and my white arm sleeves often.  If you are in need of some tights I would recommend checking them out. They have great customer service and fast shipping.  I have found their items to be sturdy and wash well. One of my favorite companies!

A couple last little blurbs about my 20 miler.  Oh and the stats were 20.4 miles ( I ran to the Hy Vee just across from the bike path to use the loo. Didn't feel like exposing my bum in the cold so .4) 3 hours 30 minutes. I was startled by much wildlife this morning rustling in the bushes.  I heard a woodpecker but was too tired to look up to find it!  I also saw a young buck cross the path and then turn back and watch me pass by.  I thought to take pics of him but then flashes of videos of deer attacks crossed my mind and I chose not to startle him.

Happy Running!
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