Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check out this giveaway and recovery runs.

  I needed to run today.  It was a tough day.  Yesterdays long run made me feel out of sorts.  Not really sore or even very tired but just bunched up and tense.    My stress levels rose today when I  was reminded of how sometimes I have to accept things for the way they are and just because I feel so intensely about something won't make it turn out the way I want.
  This is especially hard for me when I am so good at dwelling and worrying especially when its about one of my spawn.  Jaymon reminded me that Jupiter is happy.  Really what more can I ask for. Its not ideal, never will be when you have a kid with autism but, BUT, it could be so much worse and he is lucky to be in our family and we are lucky to have him.  Autism sometimes sucks but our family is awesome and we are happy today.

All that said, I still wanted to run til I felt like puking!  Yep, runner.  Masochistic, maybe, it sure does help though.   Talking to my love, my dear one, made me feel so much better then a good cry and a run was just the icing on the cupcake! And the sun, oh the sun was so nice!  Recovery runs after a long run are probably my favorite runs to do and this one was especially satisfying.

  So speaking of life with special needs kids and running, I would love for you to go check out this blog.  Michel has two daughters with special needs. She is a wife, a runner, a mother, and a daughter who is rushing to raise money for the American Heart Association in honor of her mother.  Chica is going to finish the Chicago marathon and has a giveaway going to celebrate her 100th post and to fund raise.  Here is the link to her blog Baby Weight My Fat Ass and the giveaway!  Its a great giveaway with books, gift certificates, bondi bands, and all for a good cause!

Happy Running friends!
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