Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gone for a Run Review!

A  while back, after much bugging on my part and chatting, Ryan over at Gone for a Run sent me some gear to try out. Ryan was uber helpful even with loads of traveling, an injured foot, and a full schedule he still took the time to work with me and send me some pretty cool stuff which I have been wearing often.

Gone for a Run is an online running specialty shop.  
They offer apparel, commemorative gifts, gear such as sport bottles and jewelry. Most is customizable to make it unique to you and your accomplishments.  
I will start from my favorite item first. I love blue. I love barefoot running. Combine the two and I am a happy girl.
I recieved an ALO dryfit performance t-shirt with the mantra "barefoot and running" above a running girl figure.
The lettering is small but the words are powerful. You can customize your mantra to say what makes you go.
The t-shirt fits me just right and did I mention that Gone for a Run has the best colors in apparel.
I have worn this shirt in heat and rain and was comfortable in all situations. It moves well with my body when I work out and not at all distracting. I like the side stitching and how it flatters my figure.  It matters what you think when you are out there and if a simple t-shirt can have an effect on how you perceive yourself then I think its great.  Its hard to find barefoot running stuff. Its not like I am a mainstream runner and yet I have a place to get my barefoot gear to show off. 
Yes, I know, captain obvious, I don't have shoes on so of course I am a barefoot runner but the gear says, "yes I did this on purpose and it makes me happy".  Unless you want to think I was so fast I ran out of my shoes!  

I was also sent a bamboo headband. Talk about a fantastic color!  It says I heart barefoot running.
Both the headband and shirt mantras were chosen by Ryan and I think he did a pretty fine job.
The Bam Band page says that they are moisture wicking, UV protection, Antibacterial, and thermal regulating. There are hundreds of mantras to choose from (same goes for the Ts)  and they come in black, pink, and teal.
I don't know if its the band or me but I can't seem to get it to stay in place when I wear it.  Its quite wide much like a Bondi Band. I like this fabric better but like the Bondi Band, I don't like how it sits on my head.  I felt like I was adjusting it constantly.  I think the width is the issue and I need to play with it more.  I like to wear it around fine but to run in it is distracting. For those who love the Bondi Bands, this will probably be something you like.

The third item I was sent is a hard one to gauge the efficacy of it, but I am all about giving new stuff a try. 

This is called a TiGe titanium band. 
 It made me feel strange when I first started wearing it but not in a negative way. I will try to explain.  Have you ever had acupuncture done?  You can feel something shift around inside but can't put your finger on what it is. Its like that.  I am taking into consideration that I want this bracelet to work as it says in the description so it may be all in my head!  I think if I were to choose one of the colors I would have gone with a darker color. I am not sure how to clean mine. It fits snuggly but not uncomfortably so. Mine is the size small.
Here is the description from Gone for a Run.
Ti-Ge has harnessed the strength and healing power of 2 naturally occurring minerals, titanium and germanium. These powerhouse elements have been used for centuries in the fields of medicine and sports to promote energy and improve healing and performance.  Trainers and medical specialists recommend the curative properties of titanium and germanium.

Titanium bands were designed to help professional athletes with performance, strength and recovery.  TiGe bands are different than other similar bands since they also contain Germanium. Germanium atoms work with titanium to attract the harmful positively charged electrons from the body.  Our constant exposure to harmful positive ions from electronic products, cell phones, ultraviolet rays and chemicals put our body's at risk.  Titanium and Germanium with their strong ionization balance the body's energy field and improves its efficiency.  The result is improved metabolism and reduction of muscle pain and stiffness.

Our TiGe 3-band system provides a concentrated amount of this proprietary formulation of titanium and germanium.  Scientific research has not been conclusive but many athletes have reported the following beneficial effects:

   * Regulates positive and negative ions
   * Strengthens the immune system
   * Improves oxygen levels
   * Increased blood circulation and removes harmful toxins
   * Relieves joint and muscle pain
   * Improves cellular metabolism
   * Reduces fatigue
   * Increases and maintains body temperature
   * Improves energy and athletic performance

You will see many athletes wearing titanium bands and the testimonials speak for themselves.  Give TiGe a try and please send us your testimonial. Money back guarantee.

The description sounds great!  I am going to keep wearing it and evaluating as I go along.  
This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as a review of Gone for a Run goes. This company has so many rad items and the highpoint in my opinion is that its all so customizable.  Some of the other things I am interested are hoodies for winter. I know its blazing hot here but winter will be just around the corner in no time at all.  I also love the Bibfolios. Its a great way to store your race bibs. The list goes on and on.  
So in short, they have fantastic colors in their apparel. Its customizable for a marathoner, ultrarunner, barefoot runner, you name it and it can be done. 
       Head over to Gone for a Run and see what you think you might like.  

**I was given the opportunity to try these items out for free. The opinions are true and entirely my own. I was not asked to post a positive review in exchange for items**


Anonymous said...

Wow- there are so many places out there aimed at runners- thanks for introducing me to this one! Love the customization capability!

Tammy said...

I like the headband. I need one of those for hiking.

funderson said...

I like headbands on other people and wish I could make friends with them, but mostly they just drive me crazy. Very cute on you mamacita!

Genesis said...

interesting products. i really like their shirts.

Neil Zee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neil Zee said...

I love that you said 'Rad'. It's one of my favorite words.

ShellBell said...

You look so good in headbands. I love wearing them but I don't think I look half as good as you!

Tricia said...

thanks for the introduction to another great running company

Rad Runner said...

You look super duper cute in your pics :) and the band sounds awesome, I use "Phiten" same concept skinnier braclets, they make stickers too, that kinda look like band aids, I totally swear by em'!

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