Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anemia and Aha Moments

Yesterday I went to the doctor. Reluctantly although excited to discover what the eff is wrong with me.
After feeling dizzy every time I stand up as well as sometimes just when sitting still and having a dull headache for a week or more I decided it was time to go. Oh yes and the exhaustion. I have never been a napper. Ever.   Now I am napping and for like an hour or more.  I don't know how I managed to make it through Bix.

The real kicker was when I went to run with a friend at Grays Lake on Sunday and I couldn't get past 2.25 miles without having to walk.  It was literally I could not go any farther. There was just no way. It was scary since I can and usually do push past the cruddy feelings and get the run done anyways but there was nothing to draw from. The take was empty.
  Its been kind of depressing to say the least since I just signed up for the Des Moines Marathon not but a week or so ago.  That is probably not going to happen.
So my doctor said after the blood work he could do in his office, that I am significantly anemic.  Not enough for a transfusion but enough to be pretty concerned about. We are waiting to see what kind of anemia it is based on the rest of the results that I should be getting back Monday morning.
Suffice it to say, I am not running.  I am behind on this months goal of 100 miles by 21 miles. I am not happy about this but there is not much I can do other than wait and see and try and eat better.  I wasn't getting much iron to begin with and then with the heat and my period.  No more speculation. I will know more on Monday.

 On a lighter note, I went to the State Historical Building downtown and hung out with the Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment crew.  They had invited me to come and record a clip about my moment.  I went with barefoot running although its hard to pick one epiphany that I have been so fortunate to have.
I was so incredibly nervous it almost hurt.  I had been stressing about it for days.
But then I get there and meet these people and think myself a fool for being so nervous.  They were so friendly and easy to be around.
They have been traveling around the country for over 3 months together going city to city capturing peoples Aha Moments. You can watch last years on their website. There are some really great ones out there.

Their Airstream mobile recording studio is amazing.  I really should have watched some of the other moments to see that it was not anything like  my crazy imagination was making it out to be.  The human imagination is an amazing beast.

Best of luck to them as they travel to Kansas City and then to Wichita Kansas.

Of course as soon as it was done and over with I totally wanted a "do over". The ways in which to say what is on my mind while sounding like a wise and calm woman came to me the instant I was sitting in my car thinking that in fact I sounded like a total simpleton.  Hopefully my good faith in their editing abilities will prove to be sound.

Thanks again to all who entered the Gone For a Run giveaway I hosted recently.  I have spoken to Ryan and we have agreed to do another something in the fall. Maybe some winter gear!  
Hello to all the new readers!  

How are all of your trainings going? Are you on track? Nervous as hell about something coming up?
Have a great Thursday friends.

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