Sunday, August 1, 2010

not much going on

Taking time off now sucks!
I am waiting until tomorrow when hopefully I will have more answers as to my anemia situation. The rest of the test results should be in.  I have been upping my iron and vitamin c as well as cutting out filler foods and replacing them with more nutritious calories. Although the chocolate chip cookies and jelly beans, (both of which are gluten, casein, and egg free) sweetened my mood.
One of the symptoms of anemia is depression and pair that with no running and you have a bummed out Angie Bee.  I know it though and why so I am just trying to enjoy my rest.  
Jaymon suggested tonight that I run around the block and just see how it feels. Tempting but when I make a smoothie for the kids and then have to sit down with a headache and fatigue I don't think I can make it around the block.  "Tomorrow is a new day"  says Chicken Little.

I have a 5k coming up on the 10th and am looking for donations to the charity that I am running it for. I am running for Easter Seals of Iowa.  My son Jupiter has autism and he goes to Easter Seals Camp Sunnyside every summer. He is so loved there and its his favorite place to go!  If you have the means to donate it would be much appreciated!  To those who have already donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  
I won't be racing but I will be running in my two bare feet for my lovely Jupiter!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend! 
 To any Dresden Files fans out there, I am listening to Changes. I love James Marsters and have always been on "Team Spike" but my goodness he is quite the narrator!  WOW! CHANGES IS CRAZY!! I know that it ends in a cliff hanger but which one after Harry has lost so much already.  

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