Thursday, June 10, 2010

No alliterative title for this crazy day, a List instead.

Crazy wonderful life I lead!!
I have been so blessed to have made loads of new bloggy friends out there. You all mean so much to me. The comments and support have been astounding over the last 6 months. I have felt a bit insecure putting myself out there into the world since much of what I do seems to be unconventional and yet I have been received and accepted with open arms.  I made a new years resolution to blog once a week and it has exploded into so much opportunity. I even got a job out of it!
I will be spreading the nuun love all this week here in Des Moines doing Hy-Vee samplings of nuun and then hanging out at the Hy-Vee Triathlon expo and race this weekend. I will be posting some celebratory giveaways later this week when I can fit it in to blog about it all. I hate to admit it but I wish I had a Droid or Blackberry!  I miss my boys though and feel like I am always a little behind on everything.

So for the sake of brevity and since I didn't get to run this morning and am racing daylight to get one in tonight I will embrace my good friend the bulleted list!

  • I am  featured on Run Like A Mother's book blog for this weeks "follow this mother". How frakkin tight is that!! If you have not read the book yet, you are so missing out! It made me laugh out loud, gave me so many good tips for time management and made me feel connected to the running mommas that head out there into the world to kick some assphalt.
  • I am working on a post highlighting some of the things I have learned over the last year of barefoot running. I want everyone to remember that just because you run barefoot does not make you or your feet invincible.  Taking it slow, and listening honestly to your body is key.  Most peoples feet have adapted to shoe wearing and making the change to barefoot will take some time. There is strengthening and lengthening that will take place however it won't happen over night.  Start with a half mile and see how you feel and go from there. 
  • Downhill running is an art. Its hard and challenging and must be given due respect.
  • I have been running doubles the last couple of days to try and cram in some miles hoping that it will tide me over since I wont be running much or at all this weekend.  My hubby has started running barefoot with me and I feel really great in my progress and training. This lady is the double queen! Go check here out :)
  • So today at my nuun sampling at Hy-Vee, I introduced lots of people to the joys of nuun and I did a lot of people watching. It started storming about a block before I arrived at the store and stormed like a mutha for about 2 hours and rained until right before I left. The store was quite desolate those first couple of hours.If if needed to shop I would have loved a dead store like that! When I did see people I was trying to guess the sport that they did or what they would have for dinner based on their shopping cart contents. I had a really annoying eye twitch and I didn't bring a snack so I munched on Shot Blocks throughout the 4 hours.  I also had to pee at least once an hour if not more since I was standing there drinking nuun all day!  My clever hubby bought me some mats to stand on to help with back ache from the hard floor and the musak wasn't too terribly bad.  The kids that sampled were so eager and open minded and I learned of some MMA training gyms here in Des Moines.
  • I realized yesterday that I have surpassed last years total running miles. I ran 525 last year and am up to 540 six months into this year with a goal of 1000 but am pretty sure I will surpass that if all goes well. I have also been running barefoot for a year now and PRed in all the distances I ran last year shod. I also want to celebrate the nuun gig too so there will be some of that to give away!
  • This cat ran 102 miles in 24 hours BAREFOOT!!  Check out this article. Dig the mohawk man, dig the mohawk!
I have about an hour and a half of daylight left so going to go kick some assphalt, or be one with it anyways since it hurts this barefooter to kick too hard! I didn't edit this, only wrote and ran so sorry if it is scatter brained and illogical. It was written with love happiness though ;)

You might win a 32 OZ jar. Thats huge!!
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