Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Versatile Blogger

  I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Molly over at I'm a Sleeper Baker!
Thanks Molly!  I am now obligated to list seven random things about myself.......Did you know that in Statistics there is actually a random number chart. That makes me giggle......anyways....

  1. My dear one and I met at the Salina Country Club where we both waited tables.  He is also in my senior year book. He was working at the Country Club when our prom was held there. I didn't go to prom but it was fun to be looking through the Year Book and be surprised to see him there in a picture clear as day changing out Chaffing dishes at the buffet! 
  2. I was on an Outrigger Canoe Paddling team when I lived in Hawaii. I loved it but was too into partying and didn't make the time from work to keep it up. I also started smoking again around that time and smoking and being an athlete does not mix.  So glad that the partying and smoking and eating crutches are in the past now and I can take care of myself and be happy.
  3. I want to build my own house with my dear one someday. We want to live off the grid and have a house built in the side of a hill.  We will blow glass, throw pots, garden, make lots of hooch, raise goats and chickens and run naked through the woods.  
  4. I am not a fan of cleaning.  I would rather hang out on the computer or run or play. Thankfully we have people come over a time or two a week so I have reason to pick up .  I hate when I pick it all up and clean and then within 10 minutes there are toys strewn about.  On that note I am thankful for this time of little fellas messing up my house and I hope that I am a grandmother someday and have grand babies to mess up my house too!  A toy-less floor is a lonely floor!
  5. I love Sci Fi books, movies and TV shows. Joss Whedon is a god and I am in love with Doctor Who.  Since he has a time machine I think I could rationalize leaving with him when he shows up someday and I wouldn't be misses here. 
  6. I am really afraid of moving water. I am better with the ocean than with quickly moving rivers. I would not want to go white water rafting!  When I was little the Russian River in Northern California would flood and I remember my dad driving through water and it scared me quite badly.  I still remember nightmares I had about it when I was little.
  7. I used to run a bundle hauling paper route when the 2 older boys were little.  I miss driving around at night in the middle of nowhere with my coffee, junk food, audio books and babies sleeping in the backseat. Especially in the summer when the air is just perfect at night.  I saw the Aurora Borealis 4 times and one time  the papers were really late because I lounged on the hood of the car in the middle of nowhere watching the lights for a couple hours! 

Hear ye hear ye, the following are now awarded with this fine Versatile Blogger award! So start dishin'!


AshleyR said...

Hubby and I love Joss Whedon! I'll pretty much watch any sci-fi TV/movie good or bad. Sometimes the bad stuff is the best.

I hear you on the cleaning. I'm the same way, find lots of excuses not to. I'm glad when we have visitors because it gets me to do deep cleaning. Even though I don't care to clean my house it is very clean and organized. Every now and then there will be a toyspolsion that gets ignored for a day or more.

Marlene said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know you are taking care of yourself?

Too cute finding a pic of hubs in the yearbook! It was meant to be.

And I love your dream of building a home on the side of a hill!

Anonymous said...

Firefly rocks!

MCM Mama said...

Can I come visit when you build your house in the hill? It sounds so very cool!

Molly said...

Great story about kickin' back watching the stars!

My house has been taken over by my kids stuff...and I don't mind at all!

Steel Springs said...

Great list! It's hilarious that your husband is in your yearbook. My husband and I use guests as motivation to pick up, too.

shel said...

good list. you just gave me this award because you know how i heart lists... and i heart you for giving me reason to make one ;-)

funderson said...

nice...i especially like #3

RunToTheFinish said...

oh man I think living off the grid would be so cool.. of course then I would be completely ready after about a week for a hotel :) but I love nature and just getting away from it all

misszippy said...

I only "know" you virtually, but somehow, number 4 doesn't surprise me at all about you! It's great. I also love that you paddled outriggers--how fun is that?

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the award....i got one too a little while to share :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Cleaning, Booooo!

I think the idea of living unplugged is amazing! I just doubt Hubbs could survive without all his toys for very long.

ShellBell said...

I won something! :) I think this list will be hard because I had a post about 10 random things about myself and am running out of ideas but I'll dig deep.

I too want chickens and goats too! My friend has them and I'm so jealous. Jason and I joke we could easily be hermits.

shannon said...

I started running a little over a year ago. After 3-4 months of running I developed plantar fasciitis. Thankfully it resolved within 6 months. I have read that stability shoes, which I wear, can be a factor. Why did you start running barefoot?

Unknown said...

Shannon, I started running barefoot because I had aweful shin splints and chronic lower back pain. I could not get my weekly miles up to 20 and most of the time I barely got 15. It was a sticking point.
Last year I ran the Dam to Dam 20k and it was so hard for me mentally and emotionally. I hated running and I thought I was terrible at it and didn't know why.

I thought I needed new shoes, motion control, cushioning, and high dollar so I would get the best and of course this was not an option for me to take money from the family fund to gamble on shoes.

My hubby came across the book Born to Run and I was a changed woman! I found a new passion, inspiration and I fell in love with running. Now I can do a 40 mile week and feel great, albeit tired but no shin splints or lower back pain. I haven't had lower back pain for a year now.

So injury led me to make the big decision. It was keep doing what I was doing and endure the pain, quit running or go bare.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I just love number 7. I heart your free spiritedness. I knew that you wanted to live off the grid b/c i remembered you commented about that on my 10 honest scraps a while back. One day! Thanks for tagging me. Love doing the list b/c they really get my creative juices flowing.

The Boring Runner said...

Great list. Seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list.

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