Thursday, May 13, 2010

nuun news, a peacock and wonderful smells on a run.

  Hello to all the new readers! I have loved going and checking out all the new blogs lately. 
This is definitely a thankful Thursday post.  I am thankful for my dear one. My best friend, my husband.  He has a knack of suggesting that I take a different perspective and try new things when I am stuck in a rut in my way of thinking. Like barefoot running for example.
 I am such an ass and hopefully will learn someday to just try his way instead of fighting it kicking and screaming and then eating some serious crow later on down the road when he again turns out to be spot on right. He goes with the flow and adapts to change so seemingly effortlessly. So glad that man is mine!

So I went for a run this morning and I actually did not procrastinate. I got out there by 8:30. I did five fast miles, or at least they felt that way, up and down my hill route.  There is something creepily wonderful about the  cemetery on a foggy cool morning.  The guys were mowing and the fresh cut grass smelled wonderful. The mower fumes not so much but it was lovely all the same.  I bounded up and down those hills with abandon! The downhills were pretty fun as I let myself just let gravity take me and try not to fall on my face!  I think the Plyo and pushing a stroller are certainly strengthening my legs and the good sleep and rest yesterday certainly did not hinder.

(not my photo but looks just like the peacock on the fence from this morning)
I ran past wonderful laundry smells. That has got to be one of the best smells! I saw a peacock on my way home. They are gorgeous birds yet as a mother, I think they make the most disturbing sounds. Too similar to a distressed child.  I would be cursing those birds all the time for making my heart leap. He sure was pretty though. Iris are blooming all over now too. I saw yellow and purple as well as purple and white blooms.

Do you remember when last week I said that something was coming up and I was wanting some good luck and positive vibes.....It totally worked! This is where I am thankful for my dear one for his support and encouragement. That run this morning totally helped burn off some nervous energy!
I got a job today. I am now a nuun brand ambassador. Its part time contract work with a super flexible schedule. Its a brand that I love that supports my running that I love. Its totally a win win situation. I get to share the nuun love and get paid for it. I get to hang out with athletes as well as parents since nuun is for the whole family. I get to hang out at events and go visit stores and do whatever I can to spread the love.  I start my training on Saturday and am totally stoked about it! 
A job is not what I was looking for but I am loving that this opportunity came about. Life is so wonderfully strange and I love where I am in life right now. Its a new phase with my children no longer babies. For so long it was all about little ones and pregnancy and nursing and now it is more about them growing up and autism and running.

My days are always so up and down and  crazy weird. I was to meet up with the chick from nuun at Barnes and Noble.  I was super early, thank the goddess.  The only problem was I went to borders. What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking!!  I realized my mistake after asking a random lady with a laptop if she was who I was looking for and then ordering a coffee.  I rushed off when it hit me that I was so not at the right place.   Thank the goddess again that I was early as I walked into the right book store with a minute to spare!

  I got home and found out that my oldest son is sick. Switch hats to my mommy hat and give him some nuun and a homeopathic headache tab. He is napping peacefully on the couch now but poor fella is not real happy right now.  It will be lovely to hang on the couch and watch Doctor Who and other TV shows with him when he wakes up.
Have a wonderfully weird Thursday my friends....... aahh I almost forgot to mention GU!! Devon at Outside PR sent me a pack of the new Mandarin Orange flavored GU. It is quite tasty and definitely competing with Lemon Sublime for a top 3 favorites spot!  It is distinctly different than the other orange flavors.  It is definitely one to look for and try when it comes out! 
 (I am not being paid by GU to give my opinion. I receive free samples to try and then say what I think of them. I am however a big fan of GU so thanks Devon for the GU love!)


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Angie, that is so awesome you got hooked up with nuun. Congrats! Can't wait to hear about all the cool places you get to visit and athletes you mert along the way. What a great opportunity!

Emz said...

yay on the job. sounds like the perfect fit for you!

Hope your son feels better. :)

Molly said...

I just discovered Nuun last month, and I love it. congrats on the new gig!!

And I hear you on being in the kid stage of life....I always thought the baby stage was the best, but then I realized it just gets better and better.


Congrats on the job! I would love to do something like that!

Laurie said...

Way to go on the job... sounds like a perfect one. I've never tried nuun but I've heard great things.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the job. It's great that you can get paid to work in a field (i.e. running) that you're passionate about.

MCM Mama said...

How cool is that job! Awesome! And you are going to be great at it.

bobbie said...

Congrats w/ the nuun job!! Thanks for entering my giveaway

Ewa said...

Way cool! Nuun is a great product.
Good that you remembered which bookstore to go to.

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
Wow, congrats on the new job working for Nuun!! How exciting for are going to do fantastic:) Just think of all of the very nice people you will be able to fun!

Awesome job on your run girl!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great job getting out the door for your foggy run!

Sweet about the hookup with Nuun! Life is good.

What is crazy...2 books stores in your here. Oh does the library count. heehee small town.

Anonymous said...

You must kick and scream every now and then because that is who you are and there is nothing wrong with that.

RunToTheFinish said...

congrats on the job!! it's very exciting to be aligned with something you love

Caratunk Girl said...

Congrats on the nuun job! That is awesome. That is so cool. AND that GU flavor sounds really awesome.

misszippy said...

How cool is that? You will be a great rep. for them! So funny about the book stores--I could totally imagine doing that. Have a great weekend!!

Marlene said...

Hey Angie! Thanks so much for your comments and support.

CONGRATS on the new job with Nuun! It's a great thing when you can combine your hobbie with your job.

Mandarin Orange... mmm, I will definitely be looking for that one!

Katie said...

I had to laugh at your first few paragraphs about your hubby and you . . . you sound just like me. I thank God for my husband's patience every day!

Congrats on the new job!

sea legs girl said...

Congrats, BAB! Sounds like it'll be a fun job. And now perhaps I've found someone qualified to answer this question: Is it pronounced "noon" or "none"? :)

Jill said...

Congrats on the nuun job, that's super cool! Have a great weekend - it's FINALLY here :).

AM! said...

I know i'm a day late reading this, but what a great post! yeah for you! and yeah for Nuun. It is a great product, backed by a lot o peeps i highly regard in the running/tri world. nice!

and sorry about your lil' guy. I'm hoping he's better now;-)

X-Country2 said...

What a cool new job. Sounds like you'll be great at it.

The Boring Runner said...

WOW! A nuun job would be SWEET. Congrats! So, you just chat it up with everyone at running stores and stuff? What all are you going to do?

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