Monday, March 1, 2010

Lift Your Sole Barefoot Runner Jewelry

  The wonderful Jill at Lift Your Sole sent me some unique and inspiring jewelry to try out.
I had contacted her about barefoot running charms after coming across her website and loving the running charms. I wanted  to know if she could cater to my subset genre of barefooters that seem to be popping up all over these days!!

  She has amazing charms that are hand stamped with a variety of sayings to motivate and encourage whether you are running, walking, doing yoga or competing in Triathlons or a barefoot runner like me! 
She also offers the option of custom charms based on your request!
 The package arrived in just a few days and it was clear that she puts as much effort into the presentation as she does the jewelry itself with a business card, magnet and necklace all tucked inside a star covered bag.
  I received a black stretch cord necklace with a barefoot charm and a charm that says "Barefoot Runner" on it!   They are bigger than I thought and exceeded all my expectations.
The only thing I worry about is one of the kids pulling on or in one of my clumsy moments unsnapping the stretch cord and the charms falling off.  I think I will transfer them to a strand of necklace cord with a bead and loop closure that seems to work for my rough-on-jewelry tendencies!  She offers a variety of different necklace options to choose from and her prices are reasonable.

Jill said that if anyone would like to purchase the barefoot charms that you should contact her through email or phone here. The barefoot charm will be available in the early fall for my giveaway as well and with the option to customize I thought that "Bare your Sole" would be awesome too!

Thank you again to Jill and I look forward to being able to give away some of her beautiful wares to one of you in September!
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