Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hurry and sign up! Virtual Race, come join the crazy fun....or not.

6.66 miles of your choosing to be in the running(hehe) for some cool prizes that are rumored to be autographed and maybe kinda cool. I have know idea what they are to be honest. Must sign up today!!

Its called the "GLOBAL WARMING,MY ASS!* 6.66 MILE RUN" and you can sign up with this cat that is from Nebraska. Go here and comment "I'm In".   I just became a follower and signed up because thats just how I roll.

I plan to win.

The phrase Global Warming is not to be taken literally people.  With global warming of surface temperatures comes crazy weather manifestations including large and frequent snow storms.
Increased temperatures and increased aberrant weather patterns are not mutually exclusive.

Some links to check out!
Time health and science

Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog  ( I love!!)

and of  course Wiki Global warming  

"Other likely effects include changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events,"...


The Boring Runner said...


Julie said...

Hi Angie,
I am going to take part of the crazy fun too!! I already signed up a few hours ago!!

Julie said...

I just saw you are planning to run the Psycho Psummer trail race in Kansas in July! I read your blog all the time and love it. Thought we'd never get a chance to meet since I live far from you in Oklahoma...but I was eyeing that race just a few days ago and had decided to do it. So looks like I'll get to meet you and maybe run with you after all! Which race are you going to do?

Unknown said...

JULIE!!!! that is so awesome!! I am going to run the 50k with my brother who lives in KC! That will be fantastic to meet you! Did you decide which one you are going to run?

Julie said...

I'm still undecided! The farthest I had ever ran was 13.1 until last weekend. I did a trail race in Tulsa and ran 18 miles. I was pretty whooped though, so the thought of going over 30 miles is pretty overwhelming. I'm leaning towards the 15 mile distance. I look forward to meeting you!!
I haven't gone completely barefoot yet. I am doing some VFF runs on the roads and on the trails have been running in Saucony racing flats. My goal is to be running barefoot completely barefoot by the fall. You are an inspiration!

Unknown said...

I have only gone 20 and that was on the treadmill and roads. Trails are a whole different beast! I think that by July we both would be able to do it! According to the cool runnings calculator we would have to maintain a 19 minute mile to finish before the 10 hour cutoff. Here is the calculator link
I can't decide what shoes to wear. Maybe my protons will work. I hope so anyways!

Kelly said...

Hey, new follower here :o) My New Year's Resolution this year is to run, so I'm following other runners for inspiration. Phooey, I was too late to join in this race. But Now I'm following him to.

misszippy said...

Too late! Should have read your blog yesterday! And yeah, if I hear one more person make a comment like "nice global warming" this winter, I'll hit them!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

It should be lots of fun, liking it so far.

Anonymous said...

I have enough crazy " fun" just trying to get on a SET workout schedule....but I will be following your fun! :)

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