Monday, March 29, 2010

A list to sum up the day.

  I only have time for a list.  I love lists so I don't feel too badly about the shoddy composition.

Here is a bit about my day.

I was channeling Georgia O'Keeffe with this photo!

  • The living room is not big enough for me to do Capoeiera. Luckily I did not knock anything over and I impressed my spawn with my sidekick.
  • I finally ran!!!! (barefoot of course) Its been days and days and days. I only ran 3 miles but I managed a brisk pace and the nuun sat well on my tummy.  I have been daydreaming of running all day.  I daydreamed running sprints up and down the block so I would not be gone to far from the little ones but where I could still help Sam watch the little spawn. I think maybe tomorrow I will try this.
  • Despite less than ideal radio music and being on the treadmill, I was able to bust out 3 miles on legs that surprised me in not being totally shot from Plyometrics. Definitely going to wear the recovery socks after yoga.  
  • I missed you breathe and mind. Glad to know you again.
  • It occurred to me that a good run will produce an afterglow much like a good orgasm. 
  • I am reading the book "Run Like a Mother". So far it is fantastic and makes me feel like there are kindred spirits of mine all over the world.
  • There have been ups and downs all day.  Mostly ups and when I felt like a had too much I channeled that frustration into a red lentil and veggie soup that warmed my soul. 
  • Today Milo lost his toy pig. It is the most adorable toy I have ever seen.  After we stopped looking and really let it go that Wilbur was gone, we found him. It seemed obvious to have looked there after we realized that we hadn't .
  • We were approved for funding for an ABA program for Jupiter and our supervisor comes to begin the evaluation tomorrow.  We have been waiting for 2 1/2 years.  I will keep an open mind as to what success is in this approach. We are doing this to learn. All of us.
  • My friend Stephanie brought me Tulips when she and her children stopped by on their way to Kansas.  She was one of my besties in high school. They are the bees knees! So very pretty.

Chia seed giveaway winner will be announced on Tuesday!! 


Julie said...

Hi Angie,
I am so glad that you were able to get in a barefoot run:) It is really starting to get nice out! Congrats on getting the funding gfor Jupiter...this is fantastic news and hopefully it will help out the way that you want it to:)

I love those flowers, you friend is a sweetheart! Angie I hope that you have a beautiful day:)

misszippy said...

It sounds like it felt great to get back to running--yay! And I like your list; a little bit of everything in there, a good snapshot of your life!

Unknown said...

I'm also a big list fan :)

glad you were able to get in a run!

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit it; I had to look up Capoeiera. I now know not to mess with Mother Nature and Barefoot Angie Bee!

ShellBell said...

Yeah what good news! Also glad you were able to get in a run. I like writing lists but I'm awful at following them when they include things like cleaning and organizing :)

The Boring Runner said...

Tulips are, by far, my most fav flower. So big and early in the usually frosty spring.

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