Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plyometrics kicked my A and Autism Awareness

  I have some serious runners envy going on!  Its been 9 days since I last ran. Traveling for spring break and with the hubby out of town its been hard to fit it in.  The negative thoughts slip in and whisper in my ear that I could get up super early and run on the treadmill before the kids wake but then I remember that I am a single parent right now and its harder by far and if I feel like I need more rest then I should be patient and not push it. Parenting is so much more enjoyable when there are two of us and it makes one weary.  Its bitter sweet to read running blogs and see runners out in the nice weather!

  I have had P90X sitting on my desk taunting me for a while now and it came down to going insane with 4 boys and one little ol me or doing some plyometrics and burning off some energy. I am admittedly shody at scheduling my time much less workouts so workout DVDs are handy.
Here's the simple version....
Plyometrics = feeling like I am going to vomit, my heart would explode and I would pass out. 
I freakin loved it!  I feel energized yet mellow now as I sit here after dinner, which Milo and Archimedes helped prepare.
    I surprised myself as I  jumped and cheered and clapped with them when we were done. I felt really accomplished and it was humbling to say the least.  I get moments when I think I am in pretty good shape and kind of a bad ass. Then when I realize I had to stop and pause the DVD at the 35 minute mark it shows me what I am and what I need to do to get where I want to be. I feel motivated to do better next time for sure. I love the puffed up feeling in my muscles when I work out like that. I think this will be a fine supplement to my running and the weight gained over spring break will melt off!

I was skeptical at first that I would find the guy leading the workouts to be annoying but he has grown on me and I like him now. His vim and vigor are addictive. I did the chest and back workout the day before yesterday and I can hardly brush my hair or put on a necklace as my triceps are so stinkin sore.  I can feel it in my lats and chest as well but my triceps must be the weak spot for now.

On to other things...
  April is autism awareness month.  I have an 8 year old son named Jupiter who has autism so its near and dear to me.  On April 2nd please wear blue in honor of those with autism and their families and friends.

Autism Speaks  was started by grandparents of an autistic boy and has grown to be the nations largest science and advocacy organization.
Please visit their website to learn more about their efforts. Being a parent of a child with autism has been quite a ride so far. The heart ache, motivation, let down, its been a roller coaster ride that has made me a better person and taught me to celebrate the small things.  I will write more about this over the coming month and provide more links and information pertaining to what autism is as well as what to try if you child has just been diagnosed.

Last but not least please enter the Chia Seed Giveaway !!!! The winner will recieve 2 lbs of this super food from ChiaSeedsDirect an online chia seed retailer. You have until Tuesday to enter.

What I am eating: I can't get enough frozen berries. Every day a couple of cups of them!
Who inspires me:  Ultra runner Jill Perry. She is a course record breaker in the Umstead 100 mile race. The lady had 5 kids and a husband who works out of town often!
Listening to: watching various Black Cab Sessions on youtube. 


shel said...

mama, i predict that your quads will be incapacitated for a few days. the first time i did the whole video i literally could not run for 4 days. once recovered i began to do the tape in segments. they have those little breaks in between the different intervals. so i did one set, then 2 etc.. building up each week. i have been dong it for 3 months and am just finally doing almost the whole video again. it WILL make you a very fast runner with unbelievably fast turnover, but it will thrash your thighs!

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
Way to be a bad ass and show Plyometrics who is boss!! Nice work Angie:) I will wear blue on April 2nd for you and Jupiter!!

Unknown said...

I've never tried the p90x stuff, it sounds good though, maybe I should!

Thanks for the autism info, I'll be wearing blue on april 2nd too :)

Jen said...

I love P90X... and Plyo is my least favorite. I love Kenpo. We are on week # 7, but we are heading on a cruise, so we may repeat # 6, when we get back.

ShellBell said...

I need to kickstart my workouts too. I haven't done that video but use Cross Fit workouts and the hardest trainer of all....Jason. Spring break starts next Friday and I plan on hurting but in a good way :)

Michael Shane Helton said...

I love P90X. Wait until you do Core Synergistics!

One warning is be careful about doing Plyo and then doing a run the next day. I did a long run the day after and had a heck of a time.

misszippy said...

There seems to be a rash of PS90 working out going on in bloggy land! I can imagine it's great. I marked my calendar for 4/2 to wear blue. Great that you are getting the word out.

Tracey Kite said...

The first time I tried Plyo I hated it, then I grew to love it. We are starting P90X again (3rd time) Tomorrow after a month off so we will see if I love or hate it now!

Janice said...

I have just started reading your blog and am LOVING it. As a mom of two girls, transitioning to barefoot and into alternative music, I think your blog is FANTASTIC. Keep going girl!

Keri said...

Hey Angie Bee. You are the winner of the Rachael Ray Giveaway. You will recieve the "Bubble and Brown" bake ware set directly from CSN Stores. All I need is to tell them where to send it. If you can please send me an email and tell me where to have them send it, I will be thrilled to let them know. CONGRATULATIONS!! p.s. I tried to email you but it did not go thru. So please contact me right away. If I don't hear from you by Tuesday morning 10:00 AM Eastern time, I will have to draw another winner. Thanks so much for participating. I'm really glad it was you who won. Love, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

Anonymous said...

thank you for reminding me! I'm a college student in school for special education and Autism Talks is awesome! If you have time and remember please stop by and remind me about April 2nd!

The Boring Runner said...

My wife is a K-3 sped teacher who specializes in the spectrum. Enjoy the month of April! :)

Barefoot Nick said...

Great on the P90x. My wife and I have been doing the videos (she has been consistent, I have been slightly less so, but at least once a week). My wife is kicking some ass and have gone from push ups on her knees to full blown beastly push ups and plenty of them. I think we have been at it for about a year or so now. And yeah, Tony does kinda grow on you!

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