Saturday, March 13, 2010

6.66 mile "Global Warming, My Ass" virtual run! My report.

Yesterday was the only rain free day of the week.  I suppose I should clarify that every time I have wanted and had the time to go out and run, it has been raining.
I had one window of opportunity or it was crappy pictures of me in my messy basement on the treadmill. Its not quite warm enough for this tenderfoot out yet to be running in the rain.It was wet on the roads but from melting of the cursed snow and no rain in sight!

I was dubious about taking Sam with me but was optimistic that he could keep up.  He was going to ride his bike and take some pictures for me and I was going to alter my route so he wouldn't have to go up the huge hills.

(He is just way too cool in this picture and notice the winter's aftermath of destruction next to him.)

 Sam and I were going to run and bike 6.66 miles together around lovely Des Moines Iowa to complete Razz's "Global Warming, My Ass" 6.66 mile Virtual run.
It was also my first outdoor barefoot run of the season!  It is officially spring in my book even if the equinox is not until next weekend.

Here I am  ready to run my ass off . I had my Blueberry Pomegranate chomps in my pocket to try out and my phone and camera. I peed twice before walking out the door and was going to blow away Jamoosh's  barefoot time for sure.

Why did I sign up for this race....I thought I could win. Plain and simple.  Now I am going to blame my shoddy (hahaha I love that word now as a barefoot runner!) time on the kid.  I am a shameless aren't I!

Ok we did have a good time and he now has a more clear idea as to what exercise is.  He was eager and told me several times how we should do this more often and that it was cool to hang with me without the other spawn taking all my attention. aaawwww :) I occasionally have to one-up my dear one in the cool parent department. Me being the only girl in the house adds some pressure.  

On to the race!  We started at 1:50  in the afternoon and were going to haul ass so we could make it to the flea market at the fair grounds with the rest of the fam afterwards.  I ran through some mud and puddles.  There really is nothing like running through cold refreshing  mud puddles.  Like a dirty drink of water on a super hot day, or something like that.

I must admit that my time sucked because we stopped to take lots of photos!  Not sure what is up with his smile. He has great teeth but in this pick he has a snaggletooth. weird.
Dirty feet!  Sand and tiny rocks trump rock salt.
I did get my blood pumping between "hurry up kid".  He learned how to work his gears for hills. 
We headed from our house to the cemetery for a loop and then to the fairgrounds.
Had plans to run to a lake a few miles away but decide that with time constraints and more looming hills for the biker kid that we should head back to the bone yard for a loop. While the spawn was looking for a drink of water I ran up the hill and met him at the bottom. I can see green!!!
I even had an audience. The llama's for Obama!  They have a huge sign in their yard proclaiming their support!
Before we headed home, Sammy took a short video clip of me running. I look like a goober but I have a cool shirt on.  Whooha gear sent me a shirt to try!  It says "Gotta Run."  I have a coupon code to giveaway later!!  I wish I would have chosen a smaller size that is more form fitting. I also don't like the super heel strike that the chick has but all in all its a rockin' T.
Hope you don't get dizzy watching. Its quite bouncy. 

I ran the 6.66 miles which turned out to be 7.04 miles in 1:10.  Had fun with the kid and am sitting here trying to hurry and finish before heading to the flea market that we missed yesterday while it rains outside my window.

Llamas for Obama and Go AngieBee!
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